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  1. No, you are certainly not ugly. You look like you could be dating three hotties at once, for god-sakes man! It's all in your head. You're probly very shy, I'm betting. Try going to parties or clubs, and be bold. I'm absolutely sure that if you show confidence and courage, you'd be succesful, and don't worry if you don't get a good response from the first couple girls. Be funny, a little cocky maybe, kind and honest, and you'll do fine. Seriously, there's no excuse for you to be lonely. So
  2. Sorry for not responding earlier, I had a few things at home that needed to be dealt with. (aye, the tweakers attacked the castle again... oh well.) Now a few mentioned hotornot.com and such, and asked why I didn't post my photo there. Well, my main reason is that such websites are not constructive at all. I may indeed get a very frank ranking of my appearance, but no advice or comments on improvement, my better qualities, etc. I also understand that posting the question here would result in so
  3. S214: Thanks, though I always tend to doubt when others say that, it's appreciated, and I need any boost that comes my way these days. Amor Amor: By pimped you're referring to clothes right? Just want to get the slang right. As for the weight, and the hair, the picture is a year old - I have lost some weight since then, though I'm still chubalicious, and the hair is gone.. but I still need a haircut soon anyway, which I've been naggin myself about already for a few days now. I'll see what some
  4. Ok, well I've been a loner, or what some might call a social reject, and my luck with girls have been nonexistent... all my life. I've had bad, acute acne starting at age nine to age thirteen, then I took accutane, which did wonders for my acne- for my insecurity? Nothing. Many factors are at fault though, other than my past acne issues. I'm nineteen now, virgin, with mild-moderate acne scars, and my acne problems now dont really go beyond the occasional chin or jawline pimple; I doubt whether t
  5. I can understand not wanting facial hair, if you're a girl, but hair on your arms? Thats never turned me off as a guy when I look at girls, infact a lil fuzzy-ness armwise, legwise, and fuzz on the back would I think be nicer to touch. Unless of course we're talkin Cheewbacca, then I understand completely. -shrug- Thats my opinion, then again, I'm a loser. SDreamer