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  1. thank you I try and turn all the rough times ive had into positivity and encouragment for people that are going through the same thing. When you have acne it can be really hard to have an open mind and really hard to just have hope. Sometimes the right words in a paragraph can changes someones perspective on life even if its just for that day. But you are the true gatekeeper on this website. You look out for everyone so you deserve the compliments.
  2. Hey thanks for commenting-- My acne was moderate..an average of 4-8 pimples at any given time...although it would range from mild to severe it was always there and never went away -- it took away many good years from me that I wont get back. After you try antibiotics a few times and some topical there really is no excuse for the derm not to prescribe you accutane. You definitely should get on it and start living the life you want to live. You wont regret it!
  3. sounds like your gettin close!
  4. Well it finally happened, Im clear! Its been 3-4 weeks with very minimal acne so I guess its not 100% yet more like 95% and I still have some pretty visible pigmentation but it feels clear to me. I'm not sure if this happens to anyone else but acne has been my biggest concern/worry for along time...when I begun clearing up in the last few weeks I definitely felt awesome but all that worrying and concern definitely just didn't disappear, but it wasnt about acne anymore. I realized I had been igno
  5. Im a wedding videographer, I can relate lol. I try and look as good as possible especially when charging what we charge its important to look professional and not like a pubescent teenager. My first 2 months on accutane I had more break outs then usual, my third month i cleared a ton, im on day 90 and my face doesnt have a single pimple, havent in a week..youll be super set by august !
  6. You pretty much explained a young me, but my acne started to pick up more heavily arnd age 21, tried everything to treat it including doxy which took me 2.5 months to kick in and only lasted 2 months of 95% clear then i began breaking out more frequently agian..at 18 i thought itd go away at 19, at 19 i thought itd go away at 20...then 21, 22, 23, 24....and i would go from a few months getting mild and be happy then to moderate and even occasionally severe but usually 4-8 pimples/cysts/white hea
  7. prly a short term side effect bra...dont worry bout the internet stories jst focus on staying positive...i have 0 pimples im on day 90
  8. even your hyper-pigmentation is almost gone! so clear!
  9. musicvisuals

    Acne Cysts

    cortisone will be the only thing that will help you in less than a month probably, for long term you want accutane but being that your 14 I find it hard to believe you have tried everything, actually you basically havent tried anything since you havent been to the derm. For people like us who actually have the acne bug and not just a pimple here and there we need prescription medicine. There are several topicals you can try, several antiobiotics, several diets(avoid milk, cheese, ice cream and d
  10. Im actually getting clear, the treatment is working! All the pimples Ive gotten in the last few weeks are really small and became whiteheads with in a day, I still have a large cyst on my neck though that hasnt really budged in a week or so. Also the red marks are pretty noticeable still but that will fade in time. If I continue to clear Im gna upload before and after pictures soon! Im very excited to see what the next few months bring!! From 15-24 I've tried everything to heal my on and off mod
  11. do it! dont let the internet horror stories scare you..its just alot of vitamin A...my body handled it well along w everone i know including all my derms patients are fine to..jst because its the only cure people are so hostile aboutit
  12. its a crazy trestment...makes you break out worse then ever but after i garentee youll never have any again
  13. low dose long course of the tane?
  14. stay positive, i know its tough when you think youll only be improving then your set back by a few weeks. im still dealing w break outs but on a smaller scale with marks from month 2 so its not all gravy for me yet either, month 2 my acne was much deeper bigger redder and frequent so your probably experiencing something similar