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  1. Hi guys Basically i finished my 6 months accutane course about 3 months ago and I've got to say that the results are impressive Although one thing that has been bugging me for quite a while is that before accutane my hair was extremely volumous and heavy, however that is not the case now . My hair now is extremely thin and im really worried. I would appreciate if someone would tell me what can be done for this and have me regain all my hair Thankyou!
  2. but atleast we all get good results at the end Well I went to the derm yday and he told me to stay on it for another 2 months Ahhh! That's nice lool
  3. Yayyy!! Thankk godd!! I thought it wudnt go! Coz its reallly getting on my nerves and I'm always red :/ Loll ur so lucky u don't need the monthly blood tests ...so ur originally from korea?
  4. Hahaha ohhh nooo lol...I'm seriously loving the fact that my skin doesn't get oily...oh well lol Aww thanks... I will do.. ...its amazing how much your confidence increases with clear skin And another question- what did u do for your hyperpigmentation?
  5. Hey yunchang! Anyong haseyo lol I'm currently on accutane n my skins cleared up amazingly...and what u sed bout no oil LOL that is SO me haha...but now I'm scared...what if my acne comes back ...is there a high chance of it comin bak? Thanks
  6. Hey! Omg I know Exactly how u feel...my skin was terrible. I used to get so depressed coz of it and I tried sooo many different types of things for it with no benefit. Finalyyy in january I was Prescribed accutane and to be honest...its probably the best decision of my entire life...my skin has cleared up tremendously and I've never felt more confident and happier. I'm currently on month 5 of my 6 month course nand trust me! Time FlieEsss! I've started getting such amazing comments from ever
  7. Hey caseybalamut... I also had the same problem as you. I had acne for 4 yrs and I tried everything there was for acne until finally my derm prescribed me accutane...Its literally cleared up my skin. My acne was reeeaallyy bad and it was so persistent that it didn't clear up with anything. I'm currently on month 5 of the 6 month course and my skin has never felt smoother But it depends on the severity of ur acne so ask ur derm/ gp if u shud take accutane Good Luck