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  1. Try posting the question in the scar treatment forum-you will probably get a better response there.
  2. Try posting the question in the scar treatment forum-you will probably get a better response there.
  3. Today's my 14th day on 7.5g and so far so good. Last week, I had a few big ones on my chin. I don't know if it was the B5 or b/c it was that time of the month. They are healing though. The oilyness has definately gone down. Hopefully in another week, I'll see better results.
  4. If you log in through this link, the 300ct bottle is $14.98 instead of $17.97: http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/vip614
  5. In the middle of the page, you can enter your zip and it will give you coupons for the Vitamin Shoppe: http://www.goodbazaar.com/frame.asp?coupon_code=7665
  6. I started taking 7.5g/day 5 days ago and have noticed that my pee is REALLY bright yellow (almost flourescent). Has anyone else had the same thing? I don't know if it's from the B5, but it seems to have started around the same time.
  7. I haven't seen my dermatologist in over 6 months and I have an appointment in a few weeks. Since I've seen him last, I've been doing the lactic peels, taping & vinegar and have seen great improvement. Do you think I should tell him? I'm worried about getting criticized for doing "unconventional" treatments.
  8. I had a mole on my nose shaved off about 8 months ago. I was left with a brown mark/scar under the skin which is probably the part of the mole that is still under the skin. I've been doing the tape/vinegar thing for a few weeks now and did my 2nd lactic peel last night. It looks like this mole spot is coming to the surface. Is that possible? I have large pores on my nose and it looks like I can see the spot like it is one layer under my pores. It didn't appear to be that close to the surfac
  9. For blackheads on the sides of your nose where it is hard to squeeze them, I've always used the top of a bobby pin (the part with the loop). If you run it along the side of your nose, you will see all the stuff come off onto the bobby pin.
  10. I started using the apple cider vinegar about 10 days ago. I've had no reaction so far, except some minor stinging when I apply it. Well last night, l looked in the mirror about 1/2 hour after I applied it and my face looked like I had a really bad sunburn. I wonder why after 10 days, I had a reaction. There were a bunch of areas that were bright red. This morning I'm fine though. I guess we'll see what happens tonight.
  11. I've been using Clarins products for years (makeup & suncreen) and have never had a reaction. My skin is also very sensitive.
  12. Thanks Maya. I think I'm going to postpone my appointment until I can try these other treatments. Do you know if there are any free or reduced shipping codes available right now? I did a google search, but couldn't find one.
  13. Has anyone else used Clinique's Acne Solutions? It comes in a small green tube. It's a concealing cream (salicylic acid). When I had my makeup done at the Clarin's counter about 1 1/2 years ago, the Clarin's rep used it on me and I never leave home without it now. You put a dab on any red spots and it helps conceal them, while drying them at the same time. For foundation & blush/bronzer, I only use Clarins.
  14. Hi. I'm new to this board. Here is my situation. I am 33 yrs old and have dealt with acne for at least half of my life. Currently, I don't get too many new breakouts, but I have a lot of red marks under my skin. I also have some moderate scarring including 1 or 2 icepick scars. I have large pores and have a lot of blackheads, especially on my nose. My skin is also very oily. I have small red bumps on my forehead. My skin is smooth to the touch though. I had a consultation with Dr.