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  1. Great now start working on making a cleanser and moisturizer so that we can buy it all at onec.
  2. The On the Spot eventually took care of my balckheads. i think that it eventually sloughed off enough skin that the pore cleared out on its own. I have used retin-a micro on creases of my nose. If I am sure to use moisturizer I have had good luck with this method.
  3. Noses just scar easily. A little zit makes a big hole--leave nose things alone.
  4. Retin-A Micro helped with the pores on my nose. Morning I use: --mild AHA cleanser -- On-The-Spot --Oil-free moisture with SPF 15 Night --mild AHA cleanser --On-The-Spot --Retin-A Micro--just around my nose where I get blackheads (2-3x/week) --Oil-free moisture Don't forget the moisture--It is really necessary with the Retin-A Micro.
  5. I have found that icing really works. I just put ice on it for a few minutes maybe twice. I sometimes take advil for its ati-inflamatory properties. It usually works. DON'T TOUCH IT!
  6. Glyderm makes a product called "Gently Cleanser" that has mild AHA's. Available at Drugstore.com--but wouldn't use AHA moistuizer with it. We have used it for years and loved it so when we started Dan's Regimen we just incorporated it with the On-the-Spot and oil-free moisturizer.
  7. Neutrogena "Heathy Defence" sunscreen comes in 30spf and 45spf--it's oil-free
  8. I know that it sounds odd, but even oily skin needs moisturizer. My son has actually begun moisturizing 2x a day and his skin actually got better. I think that the On-the-Spot has an oil blotter in it because when he uses it his skin does not get shiny. (He swims everyday from 5-7Pm and he waits until bedtime to reapply. His face gets shiny by bedtime, but not all day when he has the On-the-Spot on.) For moisturizer he uses Neutrogena Combination skin durting the day (which also has an oi
  9. My son had a problem with blackheads, but after almost year on the regimen they have almost vanished. At first they din't seem to be effected, but over time as his face cleared we noticed that they dissappeared also. He uses: Glyderm Gentle Cleanser (has AHA's) On-the Spot Neutrogena Moisturizer for Sensitive skin Morning and night
  10. Check the hair care products that you are using--also wearing a hat or visor can irritate. The Oxy Wash stuff may be too strong or contain additional stuff--check Dan's list of face washes--what about moistuizers? I know that it's hard to believe, but using a moisturizer is an essential part of the regime; especially if you can tolerate the ones with AHA's in them.
  11. Hey UTvol--are you from Tennessee--we live in Knoxville.
  12. My whole family uses a product called Gentle Cleanser by Glyderm. It is available from drugstore.com. We were using it before we started the regimen and never changed. It is very mild. We have just started using a AHA moisturizer after months on the regimen because we didn't want to double up, but it seems ok. I have also used their clay masque--it is great for blackheads--it also contains AHA so don't over do.
  13. If you really want to give the regimen a try you really should try to use only the reccommended products. The 2.5% bp is really preferred to 5%. Dan lists several moisturizers with a proven track record--please try to get them. Many people write the regimen isn't working, but they are using products that have stronger or different chemicals--try Dan's recommended products first and then--make subsitutions later.
  14. Desitin has a thick petroleum base and stuff like fish oil or something. I think that it probably could really irritate your skin or cause a break out. A better scientific study would be to use the ingredients one at a time. A likely effective ingredient in Desitin would be zinc oxide. It might be a better experiment to try a zinc oxide only ointment--though it's going to be hard to find one that is not in an oil base.