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  1. Hey for all those wondering about price I contacted the doctor mercy had the Roll CIT from. He quoted 3500 total for the treatment. I also contacted another doctor here in NYC and he quoted 3-4k depending on how extensive the scarring is. It is a pretty expensive procedure.
  2. How do you buy the roll cit? I know it's for sale on their website but they dont give a price....
  3. Does anyone know anyone who performs this in the NY/NJ area? Or if there is a place where I can buy this?? Mercy did the doctor apply any type of topical after he performed the procedure? Any vitamin C or A cream? Thanks.
  4. I have patches on dry skin on the sides of my stomach. They look and feel like dark scabs all over. They just appeared one day. I went to a derm that gave me cortisone cream which did absolutely nothing. I don't know who else to go to. Please if anyone has had this let me know what it is called and if there are any treatments for it.
  5. Well tell us about ur scar treatments and what has/ hasn't worked for u if u don't mind please? Well, hmm nothing has really "worked". I have tried subscion with the n-lite laser combination. No Results Smoothbeam, cooltouch=nothing microdermabrasion actually made my skin look good after 5 of them spaced one week apart. The aesthician who performed it on me keep increasing hte strenght week after week. My family complemented me on my skin after that but I don't know why I didn't conti
  6. Back when I had a lot of acne(I went on a course of accutane which cleared my acne but gave me scars,sigh ) I went on Retin A which made my skin turn really red as if I had a minor burn. I think it was cuz I was using too much of it and might have been me. It didn't help me much with my acne. Do any of you who use retin A get the burned look? How much do u apply and how often? How long did u have to wait till you saw results(i.e. scars look better) Thanks Btw Ive had like a ton of acne s
  7. Hello, Can you guys list any topicals or creams that you have used or heard about that stimulates collagen growth? No matter what the price I just want this thread to be a compilation of topicals/creams. Thanks, p ps I did a search but i couldn't find anything.
  8. Thank you so much for taking the time to make a site like that.
  9. I have 100% tca and want to do cross for rolling scars. I know its great for icepicks which i had done by a derm but it is just so easy to do I figured I can do it myself. But I want to do them for my rolling scars not the icepick ones. Has anyone done this for rolling scars? What were your results? Thanks in advance
  10. Well to answer your questions, how have your cross treatments with Dr. Frank been? they have gone ok not too much improvement but I have only had 1 Cross so I dont know if I get more how it will turn out. I havent had the time with school to do anymore. Also besides the $200 price for CROSS, whats the consultation fee? nothing , that was all that he charged me no consultation fee. When I called I made an appt to do Cross not for a consultation but he still answered all my questions and was hone
  11. Hey Alms ive been to skin klinic a place in the central park area it is pricey and last time I checked they didn't do Cross althought they do Smoothbeam for 300. I ve done 3 there and it did nothing. The people are really nice but I would recommend you stay away from Smoothbeam it is a waste of money in my opinion. I went to Dr. Frank in nyc very close to skin klinic. http://www.pfrankmd.com/index3.html ..He did Cross for 200 and does a package of one Cross , Filler, and one laser do not re