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  1. I urge people to be careful with accutane. I did a low dose course for 4/5 months - 60mgs a week. It is now nearly 5 months after finishing the course I have joint pain all over my body. It doesnt matter what dose you use - it depends on how your body reacts to it - everyone is different - I was one of the unlucky ones. Im not sure if Ill ever feel the same again as I did before using accutane - Im waiting on a rheumotologist appointment. Im not trying to rain on anyones parade
  2. Hola! Me llamo Ryan. Rocker, good question. It should not make a difference if u split or take it all at once, as long as the total cumulative for the week is the same. As for me, I take one 10mg a week. If I was doing 20mg, I would spread it apart in two separate days. However, it's not going to make a difference or be a big deal. Rocker, I am very interested in how this works for u so keep in touch! I'm sure your oil will go down! Thanks for your fast reply! Hola! Actually, I just took the
  3. Good work Yunchang, thanks for keeping up the blog!!!
  4. Retin A or if it really bothers you low dose accutane will clear that right up.
  5. Hey Rosie, hows Retin A working out for you now?
  6. Yeah it really does the trick alright, its just a pity that when you stop - the oil comes back. After coming off accutane Ive kind of controlled the blackheads with retin A - theyre not as bad as before - but the oil is back with a vengeance. What kind of side affects you getting on 40mgs a week Jon? Does your derm think you will be able to use accutane indefinitely? Cheers mate
  7. Thanks for the info John, am gonna go back on it myself at some stage in the new year. I was on 60mgs a week for about 5 months during the year. Worked great - had a good few side affects though. If I go back on it would like to try a lower dose, maybe start at 40 then down to 20 a week.
  8. Any update on this?? How did you get on? Did you move down to 20mgs a week? Would be very interested to know, am thinking of doing something similar )
  9. Quick follow up - been off accutane for 2 months now - oil returned, just like before. Have been using retin A cream since I came off accutane - it works to a certain degree - blackheads and pores are smaller - I would be the only one able to see my blackheads, smaller than before. Gonna keep at the retin A for another couple months see how it goes. Could possibly do another course of accutane at some stage - at a lower dose though. I was doing 60mgs a week but I think I could get by on
  10. How long have you been taking accutane now yunchang? On 20mgs a week, is there dry lips or dry eyes?
  11. Im due to finish up my accutane course next week - am looking forward to finishing up with the side effects but not looking forward to the return of oil and blackheads. Hopefully it will be less that it was before. Am trying to be proactive so am going to see my derm tomorrow to see what alternative ideas he may have. Really dont want to go back to the way I was.
  12. Hey there acne 2000 - so how long are you planning to stay on accutane and whats your weekly dosage?
  13. Well my derm told me that on this low dose there would be little or no side affects - but it hasnt been the case. I weigh about 11 stone, just in case you want to compare. Been suffering with dry lips, eyes, joints are sore - kind of like having a touch of the flu. Nose is also really dry and a bit bloody sometimes. I like to exercise, but since Ive been on accutane its been difficult - as I usually feel shitty afterwards. I wouldnt mind putting up with these side affects if it meant a perman
  14. Hey mate - to answer your questions - it took them about a month to come out - they start pushing themselves to the surface, and then fall out - which left me with lots of little holes on my nose - but dont worry, they close themselves off in a day or 2, leaving smooth skin. Yep I had oily skin beforehand, not horrendously oily - but it was a pain in the ass, shiny forehead and would need to wash it off a couple times a day. The bottom line is that it definitely works in getting rid of b