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  1. Yes but as i told on my "missed" message which was online for 2-3 hours,maybe ScarRight found a way to send pictures via phone call.We travel far away to reach doctors and as you mentioned me,Emil cant handle serious cases,like panniculitis.So,shouldnt i send him a message first,if i had to remove filler on a local doctor?Was it clever to travel to Denmark and have this filler resolved?I cant teleportate myself yet...Nevermind.
  2. I cant understand why you deleted my message and keep asking if i will contact Emil with another way?Are you getting paid for promoting doctors?Are you trying to make us look stupid and idiots?If yes,delete this message too and after that,lock this thread.
  3. Deleting my messages on my post,shows ones again how clever and genius you are ...
  4. Thanks for your reply.My last email was on 22nd of March and i have never took a reply,so i sent a private message on instagram.I dont know if i made a mistake by sending a message on instagram but you could inform that you dont accept messages,instead of blocking me.This not nice from you.Anyway,thanks again for your reply.
  5. Guys i dont want to make a complaint or ask for refund.I just felt strange,why a doctor acts like that without being offended.Anything else(more personal details) can be answered via pm and not here.As you saw,i havent criticised his abilities or studies,i just wrote for this incident.Thats all.If we have to post only positive things for some doctors here,please ask me to delete this post.Thanks.
  6. @beautifulambition i am not traslating anything,you just misunderstood me.I sent you on pm what i meant.I dont want any money or making a report,i just posted what happened and i felt really weird about that,cause Emil seemed a nice and caring doctor since our treatment.He wants to be in touch with his patients,as he said,but i havent seen that on my case.Nevermind,i think we are missing the point here.
  7. @beautifulambition You havent understood me.I said that you are supporting us and reply on all out messages without being our doctor.i am not talking about results,i am talking about behaviour.I got a treatment with him and he told me to send you a message,is it right?I mean he examined my skin,he did the procedures and is it right to ask you about my skin?This is weird.I can send you the message i sent him and let me know if i was rude against him.I just asked something about treatment plan.
  8. I had a treatment with him before 2 months.I wanted to update him and inform him about some problems after procedure and asked how can we go on our next treatment.And got blocked.I will wait 1-2 months more to make a review about him and be fair,but that action from him is unacceptable..
  9. I was thinking about not making a post for this incident,but i think it can help some other people.After sending emails to dr Emil who stopped responding(although after my treatment informed me to get in touch with him and inform him about my results),i sent him a message on his instagram account asking about my case and what is his plan for our next treatment.It passed two days since then and i realised he blocked me(i can send you my message in private if you want).Also,he told me on an email
  10. On my 1st treatment(subcision,tca cross) with him my improvement was fantastic.On my 2nd treatment(subcision,tca cross,prp,dermapen) i saw almost zero results and new linear + tiny boxcar scars creating on the places he didt dermapen and streched the skin.So,he did more bad than good.I asked him about it and no response since then.Its really bad cause we dont make these treatments for free.We pay them and also,some of us travel abroad for these doctors.
  11. You are so right.He never responds on emails and he does really aggressive dermapen.I got new scars near the eye area after i healed from dermapen.I havent had any zits or scars there.I think he streched my skin too much and with aggresive dermapen he created new scars.His tca cross,if done right,can give good results.On my 2 treatments with him,only on my 2nd treatment did good tca session but not on all my scars.Although he is great doctor,he doesnt give much attention on each scar individuall
  12. I have seen videos of cases in youtube and instagram but i havent seen the final result (after months).A lot of them said that scars were worse after excision and they wish they have never done it.I have tiny boxcars which i want to erase and 1-2 wider scars.Thanks for your reply.
  13. Where can we go for punch excision?Derm,plastic or general surgeon?How long can a punch excision last?I mean in the parts where are a lot of muscles(when you smile,eat,etc),can this "scar" return on its previous condition?Thanks.
  14. Hello,has anyone "tried" another European doctor (not Chu and Emil)?Thanks in advance for your replies.
  15. Also dr Chu moved to SkinMedico on Chiswick,thats why i ve never got a reply.As i saw,this clinic does fillers and maybe cannula subcision.I will ask them and i will inform you.