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  1. Yasmin- try it it worked for me!

    100% CLEARER SKIN Bigger boobs Mood swings (occasionally) Weight gain After trying and failing to treat my acne with Zineryt and Tetracycline, both which severely dried my skin out, it was suggested that I go on the pill to treat my acne. My acne was not cystic, but instead consisted of very small whiteheads that covered my entire face and back, leaving my skin bumpy, red and greasy. There was no immediate difference, but in 6 months I noticed a drastic improvement and within a year 9
  2. Yasmin is a contraceptive pill that is commonly used to treat acne. I was prescribed Yasmin when I was 18 and my acne was at its worst. I had already tried Zineryt and Tetracycline neither of which were effective and in fact just made my skin dry out more and my acne worse (although there was some initial improvement with Tetracycline). My acne is not cystic so I understand that it may seem more 'treatable', but as you will see in the pictures it covered my ENTIRE face, back and chest. My skin w