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  1. Wash with Dermol (non medicated, just retains moisture or something) Once when I first get up. Once just before bed. Eat lots of fruit: apples, pears, raisins. No diary, fatty/greasy/refined stuff. Wholemeal bread. Baked crisps not fried. Loads of water. Dry face and hair with seperate towels. Sleep face up, turn pillow every day, changing it every 3. Don't ever touch face (except when washing) Tea tree oil if an individual spot warrants it. Keep calm. That's it really, no real medicat
  2. Pretty common frequent over here from what I can see.
  3. Not ugly.. and ^ damn someone just beat me to the Lennon aspect
  4. Yeah the end really got me. Especially when they show the photos, and the date (1988 - 2004), as it sums it up so bluntly, but honestly. Yeah she was very brave... I think it was the daughter that kept her fighting. When the sister came down crying, that's all they had to show to hit you hard with the reality.
  5. Diary of a terminally ill girl. Died at 16... very very sad if you saw it. I'm 16 too. Ayway I was out today, and I thought for a second 'oh no my skin doesn't look too good....wait..' Then almost subconciously I remembered the programme, the girl, and thought wtf am I thinking. I'm alive, I'm gonna be living today.. and tomorrow... Oh no I've got exams soon... so, at least I'm gonna be alive to do them. I don't want to play off others troubles, but today it made me think twice before ev
  6. Pretty sure they just go away/shrink to normal size
  7. Hi, I've just finished accutane (3 months, 40mg). Just wondering, how will I know when it's time to stop mousturizing? I don't want to mousturise when I don't need to, incase it clogs pores etc. Just wondering when should the transition to non dry be... and how should I cope with the transition? Thanks.