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  1. I have the same problem, people cant tell i have acne scars. When i look i can, its like a mind trick.
  2. I have rolling scars so I was told by two diff plastic surgeons fat injections will be great
  3. if silicone is helping you why not do ur on fat?
  4. I think they're rolling scars, not icepick. I don't understand the hypertrophic tag, since this obviously isn't anything of the sort. Most of the tags seem incorrect, anyway. You should get your acne in control, before going for treatments. Maybe get some antibiotics before and during treatments to prevent breakouts. And definitely look into Matt's and Greg's threads. They had similar scarring and got great improvement with several subcision treatments. Fillers and fractional ablative lasers (D
  5. obagi online sometimes is fake, i rather be safe than sorry. Obagi i pretty much better than anything else i have tried
  6. I can find out on how to go about draining them. The restalyne costed me around 500. The subcision im not sure yet because he does it as area not per scar. When i went to go show him my results from restalyne after swelling went down i met a girl there she had subcision and she needed one of her lumps drained and he did it. If you are close to NYC or need an online consult maybe u can contact him. If you want to better ur skin look into the obagi system, the vitamin c serums works great and i l
  7. Hey, So my doctor said he has seen great imrovement when shallow rolling scars and showed me pics. I also refer patients to him and everyone loves him. I have restalyne cheekbones and cheeks but not around the jawline. My skin texture is better because of retin a and vitamin c serum. My mom will spare no money in the world so if fat injections is what will help i will get, i cannot live like this. I have met people with fat injections in their scars and it made their skin better because of
  8. Hey, Do not dermaroll on silicone. It can cause major issues. Also do not do anymore silicone. I wanted to have this done as well but im too scared because silicone does not age along with skin tissue and might come up like hills when we get older, this is not case for everyone but i dont want to be that percantage.
  9. hey, I would like to know what type of scars and how severe were they? how about improvement have you had from that?
  10. fruitbiscuits- Im not sure where you are located but people from other countries and states come to see my Dr for subcision and he also has pics to show. Just search for Geroge Yang MD in google. There are pics on his site. Quirky Fox- Not too many people in NYC perform dermarolling.
  11. hey, I had the restalyne for about three weeks now so far no lumps or anything. I do trust the doctor i go to, he performs subcision but does it differently than other doctors, all you are required is one treatment. I did not know fillers can make ur skin sag! Im just so tired of this. This is nothing we asked for, i feel like i got punished, so many of my relationships got ruined because of my acne scars. Im constantly insecure, im tired of wearing make up and hair in my fac because of thi
  12. lol no silicone for me. I been to the pros of silicone before since Iam in NY. I been to amny plastic surgeons office and a couple of them said silicone will work out great and kept refering me to Jay Barnett. The daughter and father are very nice and if i knew nothing would happen to me twenty yrs down the line i would do the silicone but since im in the medical field I know skin tissue ages and silicone will not and thats when the problems will come in. Are the results from dermarolling perman
  13. Im going to ask my plastic surgeon for my pics of my scars . I now have restalyne in and i looooooove it! I will post pics up before and after subcision. I have been using retin a and i like it so far. I also have been using vitamin c serum and it helps as well.
  14. hi, I would like to try the dermaroller as well, but done by a professional. Its really hard to find them in NY. My scars are shallow to moderate, for some reason not everyone notices them but I do. I would like to know what did the dermaroller do for you? smaller pores? better skin? I would really appreciate if you can let me know. I will also have subcision done as well after the summer. Thank You
  15. My skin is getting better since i have been using products on my face.