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  1. Aben, try this link: Let me know if this works, okay?
  2. Please read my posts "Why me? Why us?" I know what you are going through with Spironolactone. Please hang in there. It could be life changing for you.
  3. Update: It has been almost two months since I started using the Spironolactone and Zinc Picolonate. I am seeing real improvement finally! The right side of my face has no acne right now; this is a first in 30 years. I only have two spots on the left side of my face which are getting better. After all these years going to a dermatologist, it was by OB/GYN who has made the difference. I wash with CeraVe facial cleanser and use CeraVe PM moisturizer; I love this stuff. I do use the Tazorac
  4. Feeling really hopeless when it comes to my acne. I have had bad acne since I was ~14 and I am now 47, yes that's right, 47. It has been non-stop. Last week I had my second cyst that became inflamed, hot and red. My neck started swelling and hurt. So Friday on the way home from work I stopped to see my doctor because it just didn't seem right. He immediately sent me to the pharmacy for Bactrim antibiotic and a steroid to take immediately as I have cellulitis. In two hours time, my swellin
  5. WOW. If this were a contest, I might be the winner. I am 47 and have had bad acne non-stop since I was ~14.
  6. Love this moisturizer

    Sinks in quickly; small amount needed for full coverage Works great with drying topicals; helps prevent flaking No greasy feeling Stings slightly on acne spots Somewhat pricey; buy when buy 1, get 1 50% off My local drugstore of choice does not stock this item Dermatologist gave me samples of this product and I loved it. I tried the AM product, but it felt too greasy for my liking, so I stick with the PM and use it morning and night. Skin is so soft now.
  7. I am now a 46 year old who has been suffering from moderate to severe acne since I was a teenager. It has greatly contributed to my major depression and low self-esteem. I have tried everything over many years from OTC products, ProActiv, antibiotics, oral contraceptives, Accutane (as a young adult and again recently), topical ointments, etc. Nothing has helped. My acne has definitely appeared to be hormonal as it was always the worst right before menstruation. I also use CeraVe PM as previ
  8. Hopeful optimism?!

    Decreased acne Lighten acne scars/brown spots Acnes worsens first (purge) I am 45 and have been dealing with moderate to severe cystic acne since I was a teenager. :( I believe I have tried it all - OTC and prescription treatments. Accutane twice (once in my younger years and again last year at age 44), cleansers, topical ointments, antibiotics, and on and on. Doctor started me on Tazorac cream over two months ago. Acne definitely has gotten worse, but I have continued application I haven'