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  1. Hey everyone...I have been dealing with my scars for almost 2 years now. Although they aren't the worst scars anyone has ever seen...they really bother me. I saw a plastic surgeon in Toronto who said that because I have pigmented skin he would rather wait until something (a laser) comes along that is safe for my skin type. Overall, my skin is not even that dark...I am probably the same colour as a caucasian person with a little bit of a tan. Anyway, I really don't want to take a risk and fe
  2. hey everyone - okay so heres my situation...I don't have pimples BUT I have such itchy skin!!! it is so uncomfortable!! like something is crawling on it or something. When I sweat is when I get pimples but they are not pimples (i.e. don't have pus or anything) they are little pin sized things that start off with the whole area around it being red and itchy and then the core of the redness being a little bit hard and then over time turning into a really tiny itchy as hell little bump! Does anyone
  3. So I have finally decided to bite the bullet and do something about my scars, but the only treatments I want don't seem to be offered anywhere around my area. Does anyone know where I can get one of these two procedures done that is relatively close to the toronto area? Also if you have any comments on any doctors or other treatments for someone of color please feel free to comment.
  4. hehehhe...LOL...I thought the same thing when I read it the first time, but I think the poster meant that I don't need to worry about them b/c I described my scars as shallow. Keithr - i believe they could be classified as shallow rolling scars
  5. my scars are not deep and I only have about 4 that I am concerned about. I believe that 1-2 would be shallow and the rest superficial. Any ideas on what would benefit me - this is really depressing and I just graduated from University so my parents are willing to pay for a treatment as long as it is not some insane price (in which case I would just fill in the difference and not tell them how much it really is lol)
  6. Hey everyone! I hate my shallow acne scarring and really want to do something about it. I am wondering how much it costs to get PSR3 done and how many treatments are usually required. I am from Toronto Canada and was wondering if anyone knows about an effective doctor that performs the procedure here? I am also interested in the fraxel and would like to know about a good doctor that performs that in this area as well. I am starting to have hope! Thanks everyone!
  7. how about for the face - would it work for mild acne? HOw long should I put this salt on my face? thanks - *here's hoping*
  8. I've read that it isn't, that it has healing properties, but I would never put it on my face, it is very oily, but it may be fine for your dry skin? I have only use unrefined pure shea butter on my feet & legs. i wouldn't be putting it straight on my face...it is one of the ingredients in the moisturizer
  9. i have extremely dry skin and have been looking for a new moisturizer since jojoba oil isn't enough and the doctor recommended IMPRUV - i am worried about the caprylic triglicerides and the shea butter being comodogenic but can't find any info on them...can someone enlighten me? or tell me where to find the info?
  10. I used eucerin dry skin relief for the face with urea its the best. and you didn't find that it clogs your pores?
  11. I have extremely dry skin but am still getting a few spots every so often...I think my moisturizer may be clogging my pores and jojoba oil isn't nearly moisturizing enough. What can I use to moisturize and if i Have a spot what can i use to treat it since the acne meds would cause havoc on my already dry skin. I have even been sleeping with my humidifier on high and it is not helping. Please help!
  12. hey everyone! I really want to use a sunscreen over top of my eyelids and around my eyes but all of the ones I seem to use are too harsh for the eyes. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would prefer it to be non-drying but not greasy and cause irritation. Thanks!
  13. i am unsure of what this isolagen stuff is. I know it is a filler but is it like a one time thing that you do and then it is over or is it temporary and you have to keep going back for more injections for your whole life? I am looking for something permanent and don't want to have to worry about getting injections forever.