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  1. Well for my skin it works wonders. It has evened my skin tone..gave me a glow, and helped speed up the drying of my acne. I guess that goes to show that everyone has different skin!
  2. After changing my routine my skin has really improved. The tone of my skin has really changed for the better. My pores have shrunk and are no longer as visible and large as they used to be. Thankfully there has been no new breakouts. Taking in mind it's well...that time of the month. A lot of the whiteheads on my forehead have shrunk and I have no blackheads on my chin or the sides of my nose. (I usually get them there and have them stay.) Here is my routine again. 1.Wash 2 times day and night
  3. VioletG


    So I changed up my regimen and about three whiteheads have gone from my forehead and my pimples are shrinking noticably. 1.Twice daily wash with Clearisil Ultra Rapid action Gel Wash (Once in the morning and once a night) 2. Use a sea salt scrub once at night after cleanising in the shower (Straight sea salt with a little hot water) 3. Apply tea tree oil all over my face and add extra using a q-tip to blemishes 4. Use Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask once every two weeks
  4. VioletG

    Help Me!

    I cannot seem to get rid of these horrible white heads on my forehead...ugh! Nothing has seemed to help it. I do not wear my hair in my face..and should I stop using my moisturizer? I use Lush's gorgeous moisturizer. Any advice will be helpful...maybe I am using too many products?
  5. Not all oils will do this. Tea tre oil has been proven to have antiviral,antibacterial,antifungal, and antiseptic qualities.Topical application of 5 percent tea tree oil has an effect comparable to 5 percent benzoyl peroxide. Just saying.
  6. VioletG

    After 17 Days!

    So I added some C. Booth tea tree oil toner to my regimen due to my job cutting in my time. I do not have time to mix and dilute my tea tree and peppermint oil. So I bought new and fresh tea tree oil and added extra in the C.Booth toner. The blemishes are gone on my chin and cheeks. I have no more blackheads! I had a horrible whitehead on the underside of my nose. It finally cleared up after a few days. The whiteheads on my forehead have decreased but I cannot seem to get rid of them! If anyone
  7. VioletG

    Giant Pores Anyone?

    Same thing happens to me! I hate my large pores. I started using Queen Helene's Mint Julep mask. It really worked to tighten my pores and get rid of that weird clear stuff coming from my skin.
  8. Tea tree oil is really amazing! But honestly I think mine has expired...it has not given me any wow results that I usually get. And I loathe all Olay products. They always break me out or have something in the product that I am allergic to. *body wash* *cough, cough*
  9. So I added Clean and Clear blackhead eraser scrub to my regimen. I had noticed a horrible amount of blackheads on my chin. I usually get them on the sides of my nose and on my chin. I love this scrub! It makes my skin feel super clean and leaves a cool feeling. After two days of using the scrub, the blackheads and pimples on my chin are completely gone! The worst area with pimples *my forehead* has improved. The pimples have decreased in size but they still remain. I am adding peppermint oil as
  10. So for a few months my skin was beautiful. I had a blemish pop up occasionally on my chin but nothing to worry about. Until I tried an Olay product. *Go Fresh shine eliminating cleanser* I got it free as a sample and used it for two days. Literally the first thing I saw when I woke up was more then 20 pimples on my forehead, pimples on my cheeks, and everywhere! I tossed that nonsense in the garbage. Good thing I did not buy it! So here is my new regimen! 1.Wash face 2x a day with Clairisil