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  1. Hello long time no post. Update I am still getting zits. Not suprised. I mean a this point at 7 weeks i think i'm at i should still have acne. I usually get 2 at a time. As the last one is healing up another one takes its place. My skin is sooooooo dry. I have continued to use Neutrogena's Deep Moisture Night Cream. I'm still getting this very very warm sensation after applying it. Its a bit uncomfortable and lasts 10 - 15 minutes. I feel like its a reaction to the bp. Anyways i think i
  2. I guess its been a little while since i last wrote. Update Since the Wednesday that just past i have decided to use the 1/2 AHA and 1/2 moisturizer everyday. In combination with the Neutrogena Deep Moisture Night Cream i think its a little too intense for me. Even with out the AHA the Deep Moisture Night Cream gives me a hot sensation on my face. It doesn't feel hot to the touch it just feels very very warm. With the AHA i think that it tingles a bit in my dryer areas of my face. Which
  3. Hello. Quick update. So i bought a new night moisturizer. Its the Neutrogena Deep Moisture Night Cream. I used it tonight and it went on great, smells great, and feels great. BUT, it makes my face warm. I just think thats weird. like i have this warming sensation on my face after applying it. Not sure what to think about that. So i decided i would look up some reviews online. Well...Its as thought this night cream doesn't exist. I look on Walgreens website first because thats were i bought i
  4. Hello again! So i used the AHA last night 1/2 and 1/2 with my moisturizer. I thought it might sting but didn't which was great. I did feel slightly itchy on my jaw line. I think there might have been a slight tingling going on. I tried to measure equally the amount of AHA and moisturizer. I think the AHA is more liquid-like then my moisturizer so i may use a smaller amount to equal it out. I was afraid that my skin would react badly to the AHA just because i've used 10% Glycolic acid before
  5. Week 5 Well hello everyone! I just got my AHA in the mail today. I'm going to apply it tonight. I'm going to do the 1/2 and 1/2 for 3 days a week. Not sure if i want to do it every other day or do it 3 days in a row. Anyways starting out slow with it to try and not break out.
  6. Yay i have received my AHA+ today in the mail. I will start using it tonight. Its exactly 5 weeks since i have started using the regimen. People who are reading this wish me luck with it.
  7. Its been a month and my skin still burns after i apply moisturizer to my skin after bp. When i start using the AHA i wonder how much my skin will burn lol. Because i know both make your skin burn. Oh man hopefully it won't be too awful.
  8. Here are some before AHA pictures. Most of what you see is hyper pigmentation (dark spots). Right now i only have 1 zit which is on my nose. The other red spots you see are not active.
  9. Photo 1 is before i started the regimen and photo 2 is 1 month of using the regimen. Same for the others. In the 1 month photos you really only see one zit. I know there are other red spots, but those aren't active and then there is my hyper pigmentation (dark spots). I just bought some AHA so that i can try and take care of the hyper pigmentation.
  10. Hello all, I'm not new to acne.org but i am new to AHA+. I haven't started using it yet, i just ordered some today. Hopefully it will arrive within a week. I've been on the Regimen for 4 weeks now. By the time the AHA+ gets to me i will be starting my 5th week on the regimen. Just to give you a little background on my acne. I have moderate acne. I started the regimen 4 weeks ago. I would usually get 4 to 5 zits on my face at a time. But now that i have been on the regimen for a little o
  11. Week 4 (day 28) Before i get into how things are going. I just bought the Cerave PM moisturizer. It seems to ball up when i apply it after the BP. I read that other people are having this experience. Ahh it sucks. I feel like i've wasted money. The good thing about Cerave for me is that it actually does moisturize well. When i woke up this morning i had less flakes which was really nice. I found that if i apply it in a thin layer and try and not go over the same area it doesn't ball up so mu
  12. Week 3 (day 21) Almost to a month! And also now going to be using a full fingers length of BP. I would say that i haven't really noticed any real change that last time i posted. Some zits have gone down and gone away, but then of course another takes its place. But i haven't really gotten too many on my face at one time. Right now i have 2 actives, and i guess maybe 2 tiny ones that i guess don't really count. After i put my moisturizer on my skin still burns a bit. I have decided to use
  13. 2 Weeks (Day 14) Well hello everyone, It's been 2 weeks! A couple of things have happened this week. First off, i didn't break out like i thought i would. BUT, who knows maybe the big bad breakout will happen later. At the most i got a total of 6 zits at once. So guess that was a breakout? After those flattened out i now currently have 1 active. I do feel 1 or 2 under the skin zits possibly though. Not sure. Other then that my face still burns but not as much. My face is a lot more dry
  14. Day 9 Damnit i picked my skin today!!! Not much to say today except that my skin is burning a bit more after i apply the bp. I get a little pink on my cheeks next to my nose as well but thats it. And i only burn in certain areas of my face. Its only my chin, under my nose and the sides of my nose on my cheeks area. I'm glad i don't look red. Maybe thats because of my skin tone?
  15. Thanks! Yeah, you know i've just read a lot about peoples experiences with retinoids and a lot of people seem to not have success with them. I'm sure there are people out there who use them and they work great for them but i'm a bit iffy about them. Anyways i'm glad i found Dan's regimen and hopefully i have great success with it as most have.