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  1. Thanks for your response. Have you managed to keep off the regimen? Has your breakouts stopped? I'm glad you've got faith helping you, good luck. Thanks for you response. Okay, I've never really read into fungal acne, but I will do before I come off using BP. How's your skin doing now?
  2. Hi I've currently been using the Acne.org regimen for roughly four years, before that I did the whole anti-biotics, creams and lotions from the doctors. It was actually Isotretoin that cleared me up but sadly my acne come back after (not as bad though). Now I'm 26 I would like to stop the regimen altogether, has anybody had any experiences of coming off? I can get anyway with just doing the regimen (with AHA) once a day at night before bed, without any major breakouts. However after a few
  3. Your skin's looking good mate. I had a similar problem when I came off accutane, it took about 6-12 months for the redness to completely go. There's not alot you can do, getting a sun tan will even out your complexion though.
  4. I know exactly where you're coming from in terms of uploading pictures of acne, I wouldn't even dream of uploading a picture onto facebook, haha. Your acne looks moderate, I reckon the regimen would clear it up in a few months. Any man would be lucky to be in a realtionship with you, you have the most incredible blues!
  5. I know how you feel, acne's more mental than physical. You're only 22 though, when your acne finally does clear up I'm sure you'll make up for the lost years. Good luck!
  6. Stroking Out

    Pre Accutane

    I finally found some photo's of when I had acne.
  7. Yeah I paid it, has your letter arrived yet? You can pay online with the reference number. Such an annoying thing!!!
  8. I also mix it with the moisturiser, it's not sticky on my face but doesn't absorb dead quick, however I use it before bed so I couldn't say it really bothers me. Are you using it every day?
  9. Techicallly even though you've stopped taking accutane, it'll still be in your system for a prolonged period after (not sure how many weeks/months). My skin slowly started getting worst a few weeks after accutane, not to the same extent though. I'd personally try the regimen for a few weeks/months, if your acne isn't that severe. If that doesn't clear you up, I'd try a second course of accutane. Good luck anyway!
  10. Wooow, sorry for the late response. I'd have washed it off!!! Was your face red the next day? No it was okay, it ended being fine, but it burned like helllll Oh shit, no pain no gain, haha.
  11. Wooow, sorry for the late response. I'd have washed it off!!! Was your face red the next day?
  12. I'd add the jojoba oil. I had this same problem (bar the make-up obviously...) I also reduced the benzoyl peroxide in the day to half a fingers length and added jojoba oil to the more dry parts on my face i.e my neck and mouth area. Good luck
  13. I'd persnoally just try the jojoba oil for now, if the regimen's working why change (touch wood). Remember a little goes along way with the oil, but it cleared up my dry neck, thank god! Good luck anyway.
  14. Thanks for the heads up, i've started using aha mix with my moisturiser every other night. Slowly going to increase the usage as the weeks go on. If it's too harsh i'll give the Lac Hydrin a go.
  15. That's not what I want to hear! Did you keep using it?