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  1. I finished a 7month course of accutane about a week and a half ago. Does anyone happen to know when it would be ok to start taking multivitamins again? thanks
  2. for depression get SamE its proven to be very effective and should be available at every drug store. the reason it's not more widely used is because you can't patent it like you can with chemicals. check out http://www.mind-boosters.com/chapter_19.html too.
  3. I'm currently on Accutane(I have 4 days left on a 7 month course in fact). My roommate was on accutane 6 years ago, and another friend of mine went on accutane a month after me. We've all noticed slight depression. Nothing that bad, but we've noticed a definate increase in sensitivity to things. I had very few side effects until about the 5th month, that's when I started getting very tired and overly sensitive. Same for my roommate and friend. My roommate actually did try to kill himself
  4. www.wonderfulskin.com - i find it important to goto a aesthetic dermatologist as he will be the one who cares about what you look like. Most normal derms seem rather jaded
  5. i've heard 2 girls say this, but never a guy.... have you ruled out it being the birth control yet? Just an idea as I know nothing about birth control personally
  6. Hm never heard of Fucidin...I had great experiences with Fucitol though.
  7. i got those on and off too, i think it had something to do with the dry skin being irritated when i shaved, i started being very careful when i shaved and also used lotion more often on the area. It went away in a week or so.
  8. my roommate took accutane 2 years ago, he was on 80mg for 5 months. He told me not to freak out when I break out after I'm done with accutane because he did too, but he is fine now. Accutane just works in weird ways, I hope I stay clear though.
  9. 20 months means 14 more derm visits than most accutane treatments. I don't know what derms cost out there but the guy i goto is 210 a visit. sounds like this derm has his mind on staying in business.
  10. They go together like peanut butter and jelly.
  11. i had mine done a few times on accutane. my hair is still as baby soft as ever, of course i baby it with really good products/ionic blow dryer/etc. i think you'll be fine as long as you goto a good place that uses quality products. However I wouldn't reccomend flat ironing a lot on accutane.
  12. from my experience being on accutane the most important thing i learned was accutane is just f*cking weird, im sure you'll be perfectly fine in a few months
  13. i think the best thing you can get to mostly prevent the initial breakout would be prednisone for cystic acne, or an antibiotic for surface acne. It works wonders in combination.
  14. pinching your arm will hurt more than getting stuck with a tiny 21gauge needle. relax if you want a tip dont ever let a doctor take your blood, they never have formal training for it. Try to find a Venipuncture tech. Doctors don't have the extensive experience doing it that VT's do.
  15. Yes. Dermatologists focus on treating diseases and disorders of the skin. Plastic surgeons are completely focused on making you look more beautiful. They also tend to be extremely intelligent and easier to talk to. No derm is going to tell you how to get perfect skin, nor do most even know how to do that. they're going to be focused on treating your disorder, not making you look gorgeous. My two cents...