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  1. I wouldn't even class this as acne never mind severe acne, you have a extremely small amount of normal teenage spots and you have zero scars....I really can't take this post seriously after seeing your pics.
  2. I'm really thinking about this, have minor/moderate acne, had perfect skin with Panoxyl aquagel 2.5% but they have taken it away for 2 years. I can't take this shit anymore might just blast it away with accutane, keep me updated how it goes for you.
  3. The ONLY long term treatment that 100% works with minimal side effects is Panoxyl Aquagel 2.5% (which is £3) everything else (and I have tried EVERYTHING) is useless and damaging. their are three problems: 1. It's only sold in europe 2. it's been discontinued for 2 years (although they say they are bringing it back and have brought back the 10%) 3. If/when they do bring it back it may not be the "cure" anymore (they might may make it wrong) It doesn't matter how much money you have
  4. If you don't have the money then you really should leave this, you have a wife who obviously doesn't think you desperately need this so I'm puzzled why you would want this done.
  5. Benzac doesn't work you could probably stop using it and save some money, it sounds like the peels are what are keeping you clear. good post though.
  6. You should think about whether this is really a long term solution if your eyes hurt every time you use this treatment.
  7. The only OTC long term cure/treatment with extremely minimal side effects is the Panoxyl Aquagel teatment, I've tried EVERYTHING else and none of them are a viable option (either ineffective or too damaging for your skin to use long term). I haven't got cystic acne (mines light/moderate) but from reading on this website accutane is the only long term solution for that although I am aware the side effects and health issues that come with it are pretty severe.
  8. The scars on your back just look like dark freckles... I doubt she would honestly notice mate.
  9. Awful, feels like thick gunk on your skin, is too strong and doesn't work.
  10. I know exactly what you're going through, I had been using Panoxyl 2.5% for two years and had perfect skin until they discontinued it 10 months ago because of licensing issues and my skin gets worse every day, it was the first thing I tried and worked within 2 weeks with no drying so pretty depressed at the moment. I found Duac is too strong and didn't really work as well but it may work for you. It sounds like your skin might have broken out because of you using the 10% which is wayyyyy too str