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  1. ok I have a derm .. the problem is that she wont put me on Accutane . she does not prescribe it. what the hell. what derm wont prescribe it.. mad ... sad ... depressed... im allergic to anti biotics... creams really don't do much ..... need help ....
  2. hope27

    First Entry!

    good luck in your treatment keep posting your progress
  3. hope27

    Problems With Tretinoin Cream

    I thought ur not supposed to use any other drying products while using a rentin a Try using purpose face wash instead . Panoxyl face wash by itself can be very drying. Stay away from salicylic an BP products . Ur going to end up burning ur face . I also think that the aveeno moisturizing face lotion is more healing for dry skin. I have tried the ones ur using and didn't like them 2 much. Aveeno hydrates me better and it does not break me out . U should try it out
  4. hope27

    Losing Interest In Everything

    Yeah it's normal I remember when I took it years ago I did not want to go out even when my skin was clear in month 3 of being on it . I had clear skin and still wanted to stay locked up in my room. I had no depression no anxiety I just felt tired . I felt like I just didn't want to do anything . And before accutane I was depressed and had anxiety because I wanted to do everything but was to embarrassed to go out. Weird how that happens . It's also a shame that accutane is not a cure after a w
  5. hope27


    I'm sorry that ur parents don't understand . We all have people around us that just don't get it. But if u see that they don't want to hear any more about ur skin issue than is best to just try not to talk too much with them about it unless u have to. And try to stay positive . I understand ur pain it hurts when u try to open up to people and they just don't get it ..
  6. hope27

    Sleep On Your Back!

    I agree taking a shower at night is better . Some people take it in the morning so they can feel clean throughout the day, but yet they go to sleep dirty. If u take it at night you will wake up clean ur just going to get dirty and sweaty all day .. Sleeping on ur back sounds easy . I have tried it yet I find myself waking up on my side from not begin able to sleep on my Back all night
  7. hope27

    Anxiety/paleo/mixed Emotion Help

    Acne can cause anxiety I get it sometimes , also depression . U said u had a case of anxiety when u where younger is also possible that ur acne triggered it again. Is there a reason why u had anxiety attacks as a young boy . It's completely normal for acne to trigger anxiety and depression on people . We do get judged on how we look sometimes . And we try to avoid being seen around people from time to time. but I don't find it normal for a young boy to get anxiety . You might want to think b
  8. i hate it also. I get people just tell me you should try it . just because you see it in a commercial does not give u the right to tell me to use it. I hate that is advertised so much on tv and on the radio . i also hate it because i have tried it and yeah i have tried it not once but a couple of times ..last time i tried it i wanted to slap myself. you get those people maybe you didn't try it long enough maybe you didn't use it right. every time they use that word i just want kill someone e
  9. It usually takes a month for the any medication to get off ur system completely . But you will see ur body start coming back to normal in a week ur not going to be clear from the effects but u will start feeling better .
  10. hope27


    I understand ur fear of having your kids go through the same traumas in life . Yeah it's hard to be judged based on ur skin and life it's somewhat harder for us. But to stop yourself for living such an important part of life like giving life just for fear is not right. And you never know what the future holds maybe by then some new treatment will be. found. Maybe ur kid won't go through the same thing. I have 2 sisters they have good skin I'm the middle child I got my fathers bad skin. So the g
  11. hope27

    Chemical Peel Burn

    If u do deside to get another peel it has to be a VI peel If ur Asian Hispanic or African American the chances of getting a chemical burn is greater than a white person . A couple of years ago they came up with a new peel for darker skins . It's called the VI peel. Google it YouTube it and if u do decide to do a peel look for a doctor that carries that peel.
  12. hope27

    1 Step To Curing My Acne

    interesting. have u heard of anyone else having good results with this. are you going to take before and after pictures. I do wish u luck its going to be hard. just drinking water for only 3 days . I remember once I did a only apple fast for 3 days . I bought an e book saying that fasting with apples for 3 day cures acne. sad to say it did not work out. but keep us posted .
  13. hope27

    Acne Is A Disease.

    Accutane is not always a cure some people need to take it more than once. I took it years ago . cleared my face but then it was back to square one with my face. been trying everything to clear it but nothiing has not work yet. I have thought about going back on it. but to be honest im afraid of how my skin will change. my skin is really sensitive now. before I could put anything on my face now its so sensitive that I must use small amounts. I bruise more I scar more . my body takes longer to h
  14. hope27

    For The First Time In Forever...

    wishing you luck . I know what you mean why should we not have perfect skin. its also my dream to one day have great skin. its hard to know there is people that do noting for their skin and have it perfect. yet here we are trying everything. we also deserve nothing less than great skin.
  15. no I have not sorry but I hope it works out for you. I know how it is trying to find the right foundation that wont cause you to break out more than normal. im also waiting for my oxygenetix foundation to arrive so I can give it a try. i saw it advertised at you tube , and i just ordered it today .