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  1. Using less on the face is best for red marks. Certainly no bp. My son's have improved so much since all he does is use water and shave with Aloe Vera. Good luck, I too would be afraid of the initial outbreak.
  2. My son is going to the big city tomorrow with some friends and they will eat at mall. He was asking what might be a good choice. Not much to pick from at our mall. We looked up Subway "whole wheat" and it does have some honey and I am sure some white flour. The Atkins wrap has more fiber, 0 sugars and a little more fat. He isn't interested in just a salad as the only acceptable dressing is oil and vinegar and their vinegar isn't balsamic and isn't the most tasty to him. He isn't going to e
  3. What do my friends here on diet/holistic forum think of hemp protein supplement? Here's the link http://www.herbal-smoke-shop.com/hemp.html I'd appreciate any ideas and thoughts. Oh - does it lesson the omega properties of say a pumpkin seed if it is eaten roasted rather than raw? Thanks
  4. Still working for you Gurra? Does anyone use the ground seeds instead?
  5. I think that it does help my son with his redmarks and he just looks better with a tan. We live in the south where it is already sunny and he already has a tan. One thing you want to do is not get so tanned on your face that your skin becomes thicker. That makes it harder to exfoliate and may cause clogs. Just do it little by little and I think you'll be fine. Hey, those bodybuilders, etc.... always have tans. Arnold has a fake tan too. Don't worry about it. I personally don't like arti
  6. I guess I wouldn't torture my creations. FOR ANY REASON
  7. The reason I thought about antihistamine is that my husband for YEARS had unexplained hives that would occur mainly if he got very overheated or if he jumped in say a cold pool or if he got chewed out by his boss. We have never liked using any drugs - one reason I am on this forum - so he tried keeping a food diary and did elimination diets. He did lots of research on hepatitis and hives and the connection (he had hep B) and did on occasion take claritin because often it was unbearable. No
  8. What is your acne like right now and what is your diet like right now? The best thing to do if you want to eat bread is to eat it in its most natural state free from added fats and sugars. WHOLE GRAIN bread is different from just whole wheat. Some, like our family, prefer the sprouted grain breads, but tell us what you are eating now and we'll go from there.