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  1. that would work, but my old derm is across the country. ugghh. and he was my family doctor, so not really able to deal much with accutane. so for now, i guess i'll find the place that looks like a malpractice warehouse. i'm sure they'll prescribe it to just about anybody...just gotta find one...
  2. ok. so my derm was an idiot...he wasn't able to spot the cancerous mole on my back...which i was told NEEDED to be removed.. and NO ACCUTANE. i'm so pissed. looks like i'm going to be making some more visits to new derms.
  3. Anyone from around here? I'm looking for a derm that knows accutane and is understanding. Any help is appreciated. Also, any info on how to find a good derm would be great.
  4. oops. i guess i didn't specify...sorry. i meant after the accutane treatment, i know acne can come back, does that mean that the oil glands will enlarge following a course in accutane? basically, if i were to go on accutane, would i have oily skin a year after i finished treatment? just wondering if its worth it in the long run.
  5. Its to the point where i hate the excess oil as much as the acne. anyone with experiences in oily skin and accutane, will it cut down on my oil until my body does naturally?
  6. i have tried so many different meds, and im on virtually the strongest topical medications as well as a stronger oral antibiotic. my doctor said i would grow out of it, most likely within 2 years, but its been 1 since i've been on medication, and its just not getting better. man, 1 year ago, i thought i had it bad...and i was on dan's routine. i never imagined that i would ever think that just bp was GENTLE on my skin. hahah. now i literally burn it in the mornings, and peel it at night..o
  7. I've been on tazorac, benzaclin, and doxycycline for over a year now, and it's getting worse. Just bad enough that all these meds can't control my acne. I just want to quit all these routines and get on Accutane, but I'm not sure if I will even be able to get it perscribed. Please share any experiences or info on the level of acne a normal candidate for Accutane must have.
  8. yep, you can put it on over bp. use alot, like a big glob where you need it. I do that before i go to bed and then in the day, just put a little on.
  9. nope, you can't become immune to cortisone. they really only work for cysts. But you really don't need to do both, I was just sugguesting trying the cream before you pay for an injection and the risk of a scar.
  10. don't spend the money on an injection until you try actually using a cortisone cream...try equate hydrocortisone cream. I have gotten rid of a cyst using the cream and icing 10 minutes in about 2 days, i mean completely gone.
  11. Chances are, that all that fruit and nuts you ate were covered in pesticides and treated with tons of growth hormones. Now if you were to to go to another country and live their lives, eat their diet, and actually mimic they're whole daily routine, then you could find out if diet was causing acne. There have been numerous studies that show acne is not directly related to diet, so it could also be the people native to these countries had good genes as far as skin goes. And since they don't
  12. benzaclin, duac gel, benzamycin benzaclin is best.
  13. If you wash your face and immidiately dry it WELL, not much moisture will be drawn from your skin. Then, wait 15 minutes to apply. The dryness should let up with time, usually a month or so.
  14. It may be your skin that cracks. It can be painful. You are probably using too much, just a small film is enough.