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  1. thanks for the response, i looked at this (don't click it if u don't like disgusting skin), should I apply the concealer before bb cream or after bb cream? do i need to use powder and the other thing? as you can see, my skin is really bad, it proberbaly looks worse in real life, do you think it will cover much for me? am i going to look like a noob? i'd definetly take accutane but it's my last year of high school and i've only got 4 months left(my derm said i have to take
  2. he said the reason because he is not getting girls is because of his acne, i think it really depends on the girl and there are many girls, however majority of the population has no acne hence majority of girls will find acne disturbing. same thing with guys can makeup cover up much? should i buy some makeup at the chemist?
  3. "To be honest with you, acne doesn't scare me away." of course! you're extremely nice and you've dealt with acne before, you know how it feels, the most servere acne doesn't scare me away too. but if a person who has had clear skin for life sees my face, they don't know what's wrong with my face and may feel scared. and how old are you if you don't mind telling me? because as you get older you see more types of people and become less caring about someone's appearence. The problem with me, i'm o
  4. i totally agree, acne is holding my life back, effects me everyday, i've thinking about it every day for the past 2 years, ever since it was moderate i started hoping it will clear up everday, but i actually went from light acne to serve cystic acne in just 3 year. must be the USELESS OTC products i've been using for 2 years that made my skin so bad. i'll take accutane. acne is affecting quite a lot, i didn't talk to much girls much before i had acne because i'm so shy, but now i have ac
  5. unfortunetly in my case, i won't be happy be happy even if i my acne clears up, i'll have many scars, even right now with acne, u can see many scars, i think accutane will just make it worse. but scars are better than acne, can cover more easily than makeup, that's why i'm still considering accutane what my mum says is "you're going to have many medical issues when you're in your 40s+, if you take this medicine. you already have scars, why bother taking such dangerous medicine?" d
  6. ok maybe i should just take it, since being unhappy all the time over many years will gradually make you ugly anyway. i also read/and even saw on youtube many people got fleshier/chubbier faces (espiecially on the cheeks) after accutane, did this happen to you?
  7. thanks for the response, the reason i'm concered is because i got a big head and i don't like it, i want it to change or something over time. coz i see many people's face get skinnier in their twenties. by the looking at your signature, u must be about 21 now, did your face change at all after 2 years after accutane? or does your face look mature 20ish year old now? I really want to grow mature and handsome like a normal person but my face is unbearable. fml
  8. many guys face don't fully develop until they're 22 right? i see many celeberity faces change a lot from 18-twentyish. and even when you see people on the streets, they are best looking when they are about 20. a good example is justin bieber, he looks so much better now (19years old) than when he was small, i'm sure he'll continue to grow more handsome in his 20s. i'm only 17 and have really bad acne, if i take accutane now, will my face never change? coz guys who are 17 don't look so handso
  9. will accutane stunt facial growth? has anyone under 18 who took accutane felt their face didn't change at all after 5 years? www.topix.com/forum/drug/accutane/TAUUK5779LS4U7VBE i read that accutane may even make your face look fat and ugly.