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  1. Random treatments produce a binomial distribution of "multiple hits". With 5 random treatments at 20% coverage, the probability of 5 hits is .2 to the 5th power or .03%. The probablity of no coverage is .8 to the 5th or 32.8%. Because it is geometric function as opposed to linear function, it takes many treatments to get close to 100% coverage. I will have 8. If I am getting 20% coverage each time, the area with no coverage is .2 to the 8th power or 16.8%. However, it is possilbe that bu
  2. With 20% random coverage in 2 separate treatments, 4% of skin would get a double hit, 64% would not be hit at all, and 32% would be hit once. Middle school math. In theory, you never get to 100% coverage, but you get close.
  3. Thanks They Can Be Cured Not worried about pain or downtime, just possible adverse effects. I think I will wait until fall. Maybe doc will upgrade by then. At those settings, I was guessing 25% to 30% coverage, not 15%.
  4. They Can Be Cured I'd appreciate your advice. I have paid for 1 more, but my doc has not upgraded. I am waiting partly in hopes he will. Assuming he does not, I am thinking about going with 4 passes at 25 and 8 passes at 35 over scarred areas or wrinkles. Previously, I thought these levels unsafe with SR 750, but it seems as if others have been treated at 35 and even 40 with SR 750. Let me know. Thanks
  5. Based on my own experience, Fraxel will not produce dramatic results on pitted or deeper scars. For me, it softened shallow scars. From what I have read, I think fillers are probably best for deeper scars. From your posts, I am guessing that you would not be satisfied with Fraxel cost/benefit on deep scars.
  6. Good luck with Affirm. I got about a 25% overall improvement from fraxel and was very disappointed it was not 50%, perhasp due to my old age. Have followed the fraxel thread since inception, I know that Fraxel received FDA clearance for treating acne scars. I also know the PMA approval standard is relatively low, but note that Affirm does not have this level of approval as yet. Also, it is noteworthy that early posters who were treated at low settings with Fraxel 1 reported the least benefi
  7. TheyCanBeCured Good post about regeneration of scar tissue. I am guessing one reason for my weak response is older age (some improvment, but well belwo 50% - say 25%). Anyway, I have 1 more with my current doc who has the 750. Given recent posts of others, I was thinking about trying 4 passes at 25 entire face, and 8 passes at 35 over scarred areas (including forehead wrinkles). Does this seem safe given my treatment history to date? I am thinking that I need to get deeper treatment. I
  8. Fraxel is no miracle, but is safe and somewhat effective. I question why you would try a laser (affirm) that does not have the same proven track record. Perhaps the only downsides are time and money, but why not go with fraxel, like the rest of us?
  9. I was told that over 30 mjs is unsafe with SR 750, but recently I saw someone posting at both 40 and 35. Be careful. If you go forward with these settings, please keep us posted. I too am blond blue, but I always have a tan because of swimming. Once the red subsides in a week, the face skin is the same tan color as my neck and body. I have gone out at 3 days and people will say, man, you got some sun. 40 mjs may take longer to subside, but I don't know. Anyway, if you are pale, I think t
  10. While I am fraxel supporter, I think Zonk is overly enthusiastic. First, Cameron reported and posted pcitures showing some enlargement of cheek scars. That said, i think he is the only one of many many posters to report this. I think there is less than a 1% chance of things getting worse. However, there seem to be many weak or even non responders. I would put myself in the weak category. So, I do think there is a moderate probability that you might end up thinking that fraxel was not cost
  11. My fraxel 2 was a demo by Reliant for my doc. Unfortuately, he has decided to not get the new machine in the near term. Call Reliant to find out who has the new machine in your area. I know there are many.
  12. I think SR 1500 is better, however, it is not twice as good from my experience. I was led to believe that SR 750 is unsafe at levels above 25, but recently I have learned of others being treated at 35 and 40 respectively with SR 750 and reporting good success. Also, my doc has decided not to upgrade in short term largely because two name docs don't see a a big clincial difference between the two machines that they have been using. There are many conflicting views. If I were you, I would prob
  13. Theycanbecured and Mark, I understand now. So, is it safe then to have SR 750 at 40 mjs, 125, with say 4 or 5 passes given that I had SR 1500 at 40 mjs at level 8?
  14. Mark, I think you are mistaken. The SR 750 has density settings of 125 or 250, not 500 mtz per CM2. Also, I have been told that treating at 40 MJs is dangerous with the SR 750 because of splaying of the mtz causing a wide thermal injury with possible bulk heating complications. That said, I would be very interested to hear how it went. lastly, I understand SR 1500 has 10 levels and then the restricted R levels.
  15. Nanty, Fraxel has led to breakouts that sometimes appeared as a slightly raised rash. Any thoughts on your improvment?
  16. No follicle problems here.
  17. I know Troubled Skin thinks there is merit to dermasanding (which this sounds a bit like), but that docs have stopped doing it. So, good luck with your experiment and keep us posted. I'm sure you know to be careful not to affect pigment, especially so deep to cause hypo.
  18. Many pages back on the fraxel thread Troubled Skin posted advice on how to stitch to avoid separation and possilbe remedies for failure. He is a doc and his advice seemed sound. Hope you find the posting.
  19. Case # 50 is the one I was referring to in webinar as being severe. But perhaps I am overeacting to quantity and discoloration. The depth does not seem severe. According to Rahman in webinar, the reason for not using Retinoids is that Reliant research indicates that a heat shock protein is what might stimulate the collagen formation post fraxel and they beleive that retin A will inhibit this response imeediately prior to and after fraxel. So, it is not safety but efficacy, as I understand it
  20. Sorry to start a fuss about Visia. Like Chrissy, I came to conclusion that Visia is not good indicator of scarring, although I since learned their web sites identifies spots as a measure of acne scars and freckles, etc. and the scattergram seeemed to identify spots where I had no scars. It is very possible that I had more spotting from sun in Sept than I did in March. I guess they use Visia primarily for those who have microderms. Again, I think it is a poor indicator, but I will also tell y
  21. Annde and others, I too had VISIA and the Dr is no longer doing this after discussing my results below with Reliant. For some reason, my scores went down. Sorry for the formatting as I simply pasted from an excel sheet. Billyboy's Fraxel Results as measured by VISIA computer imaging, Complexion Analysis Right Side of Face Left Side of Face Pre Fraxel Post Fraxel Pre Fraxel Post Fraxel Conclusion Percentile scores for those of same age and sex. H
  22. Probably face size is a factor. Are you female? As you might guess, I'm a guy. Also, I went a little below jaw line to even up tan between face and neck.
  23. To clarify: 1. Essentially no improvement on a few scarred pores and 2 failed excision scars 2. 50% improvement on many shallow rolling scars 3. I'd say 25% overall on scars 3. Much improved texture, tone and even pigment; making skin look younger While 25% may seem low, I really did not see much after 4 treatments. So, I was trying to point out that patience is key, as well as the higher mj settings. Moreover, this is a very safe and easy treatment. I like this low risk, even though the ret
  24. I have given postive feedback about SR 1500, but have also said that I am not sure of cause and effect. We'll see..
  25. I don't think fraxel will ever make scars disappear in the harshest lighting and the most close up angles. But, improvement is possible after many treatments. 4 is not enough based on my experience