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  1. 2 reasons: 1. I am hoping my fraxel doc will upgrade to SR 1500. 2. I had several scarred pores that were not responding to fraxel. I had Southwest credit that was going to expire so I went to NO in hope that Dr. Y could float these small scars. I was thinking I should get this done before my last fraxel. Big mistake, which I am fixing now, with some success with Dr. Dhawan. I am not sure if I will do any more grafts or subcision, but I have a follow up in mid Sept. My new plan is to ha
  2. Coobreeze Congrats on your success. After my disaster with floats by Dr. Y., I went to Dr. Dhawan based on your positive reference. So far, so good, but not fantastic on dermal grafts. Stitches come up tomorrow on 5 excisions, so I will know more tomorrow. That said, when I think of the the money I spent with Dr. Y (many failed floats) and Dr. Chris Zachary (3 failed excisions) to end up with worse scars, I am really happy to have found Dr. Dhawan. Ironically, most of what he is fixing is
  3. Ttau Would you add your settings to your sig. I noticed his website sasy he is bsed in Lafayette. Hope you get great results. Also, I went to Dr. Boch in Stockton for fraxel. When I asked him about subcision, he seemed to think the scars I was worried about were too small for subcision or filler. I think he does it, but perhaps not that often. Anyway, I feel very comfortable with him as far as fraxel, but am less sure on subcision.
  4. Jury is out for me on subcision. But, I have read and been told by docs that subcision is suitable only for bigger, rolling scars. Perhaps it would work on boxscars, but you probably need a filler for anything with depth. Excision with a good doc is the best bet for tiny icepicks. It is a simple, cheap procedure, but I had immense difficulty finding anyone that does it. I think results are highly dependent on skill of derm, as well as type of scar.
  5. I can't say, as there has not been fair comparison. Profractional was a free demo on 1 square inch last night at low settings. It is erbium, ablative with fractional dots of injury. In theory, it sounds like it is similar to the new partially ablative fraxel (I think they call it repair). Again, in theory, ablation together with deep thermal injury should be more effective than deep injury alone. But, it has a higher risk. But, fraxel was riskless so maybe the partial ablation is needed to
  6. I have a new derm who has several Scitons, but is now interested in purchasing the new ProFractional model, which has pixels of energy beems and column of thermal injury a la Fraxel. I told him I had have several fraxels so he wnated me to be part of demo by Sciton to his group. Anyway, I had a small sqaure treated at two settings (100 micron depth) about 1 hour ago. Unlike Fraxel, this ablates the surface, so I could smell the skin burn. There was no need for numbing cream as it apparently
  7. Ylem, you really need to compare total energy, not just the intensity. In my opinion, Poloho was undertreated based on her low total KJs. Perhaps her doc feared pigment problems because she is Asian. I have read articles where docs state that full face for acne scarring should be close to 10 KJs in each session.
  8. My understanding is that dermal grafts are expected to be permanent, which is the primary advantage over fillers. Last time he used the soft dermal tissue from behind ear. This time he dissected the epidermis off the 5 punch excisions and used that as the grafting material. He feels this works better because the punch graft material is firmer. Stitches are in for 7 days then redermabond for another 3 days or so, at which point I can start swimming again. Prior excisions failed because Surge
  9. With 2 exceptions (prior excisions that separated), my scars are shallow. I had several scarred pores that were made deeper by failed floats, but even those are pretty shallow. I may have given you the wrong impression. My success with dermal grafts is very mild at this point. He added dermis yesterday, so we shall see how it looks in 8 weeks. His trial excision, with just a single surface stitch and dermabond, turned out great. I am hoping the 4 grafts and 5 more excisions turn out as w
  10. I had punch floats by a name doc, Dr. Y, and they left bad holes, leading to excisions. Prior to that, none of these scarred pores were deep enough to justify an excision. It is way too early for me to assess dermal grafts. Dr Dhawan says there is no chance of making things worse (Like with my float disaster), but that grafts sometimes don't take, fill enough or will overfill. I think he said about 75% of dermal graft patients will later have a resurfacing procedure, laser, dermabrasion, micr
  11. Poloho, it is a small world. I am anxiously awaiting to see my results from yesterday with Dr. Dhawan. If it turns out as well as the trials, I will be happy. I think I will have a goood sense for excisions in 10 days, but I guess it takes 2+ motnhs to really see the effect of grafts. Did you have subcision with your grafting. Yesterday, he did 5 excisions with 1 mm and used material for grafts in 3 scars (2 were filled last time in first trial). I am curious as to your experience (or an
  12. 3 observations: 1. Be patient, time will help. 2. Total KJs seem very low. Was this full face? Do you have a large or small face? 3. Fraxel may not be as effective for scarring as we would like to believe. It helped me, but not great. In my opinion, this procedure is risk free and foolproof. You will get a way better result with 10 treatments by a non name doc than 4 treatments by a name doc, even though the total cost might be the same. You are being gouged.
  13. Dr Dhawan says his office will purchase the Pro Fractional laser by Sciton, rather than Fraxel. I googled and found it is new (2007) and is more ablative than Fraxel, but like fraxel relies on a microscopic matrix of thermal injury to stimulate remodeling. Anyone with experience or comparative analysis?
  14. Semolina: Yes, Dr. Dhawan in Fremont. He did 5 more excisions today and some subcisions. I will keep you posted. I was very happy with the trial excision and only mildly happy with trial subcisions, with 3 dermal grafts. He thought they looked great and that they were still remodeling as they were still slightly pink, but I see it less favorably (again, excision truned out great- less pleased with subcision/dermal grafts, but there was some improvement). I think he knows what he is doing, a
  15. I had an excision with a 1mm punch and he used 1 surface stitch. Turned out well, but if you get really close up you can see a shallow, small C (incomplete C actually). I have a couple similar sized scarred pores nearby that were made worse by floats by Dr. Y, so I can really compare the improvement, which I estimate at 75+%. I would see no need to resurface this small, shallow C. I am going to do 5 more after this success with experimenting on 1. Zonk, did your doc use dermabond? I can't
  16. I travled to a lower cost area to get a pkg of 4 for $2,800. The doc since raised price, but he let me have same price on next 4. My big mistake was going to Dr. Y in NO for punch elevations on scared pores that did not respond to fraxel. He used a 1mm punch and it left deeper holes. None of them worked. I located Bay Area doc who does dermal grafts from behind ear. To try to fix this float mistake, he did an experiment. One punch hole he excised. This turned out pretty well - say 75% im
  17. I'm 56. I think my scars became more noticable with time as the skin became more lax. This is very gradual and may depend on sun exposure.
  18. billyboy


    I'm skeptical about supplements. I now take MSM for osteoarthritis and as possible aid in collagen formation. Prior to this I took glucosmaine/.... I did not help my pain so I stopped several years ago. I since read about two large government funded studies (NIH), that were double bind, placebo controlled. Glucosamine is a complete failure based on these very scientific tests as to relieving arthritis pain (same effectiveness as placebo group, but 50% lower pain relief than Celebrex group).
  19. No, but I regret having Dr Y do floats on me. Great guy, but I think he has lost his touch.
  20. Someone asked if I am still here and would comment on 750 vs 1500. Honestly, I don't think I can say for sure that you will get a better results with SR 1500 but that is my expectation. I believe acne scars require greater depth that can be safely delivered only by the SR 1500. For other condsitons such as pigment and surface defectsand the like, you actually might get a better result from SR 750 as it tends to give better coverage, but less depth. Intuitvely, however, I believe 1500 is be
  21. My scars are 1 mm diameter because of punch float size, but still shallow. I am not seeing a pimple from the graft. He opend a slit with a needle under scar and inserted small dermal graft under skin. Maybe he underfilled. Anyway, curious to learn more form your experience, as it sounds like I am having what you had, but maybe less aggressively. Perhaps you had a graft of both epidermis and dermis. The epidermsi ws removed form mine and then the dermal tissue was inserted under scar.
  22. My shallow scarred pores did not respond to fraxel, that is why I tried punch floats. Big mistake, but hopefully grafts will correct the bigger scars that I now have.
  23. I know you saw this post, but I repasted it with added info. I have had several treatments; 1. 3 failed excisions on wider scars by Dr. Chris Zachary (so I am apprehensive about this, but I also think he has weak skills) 2. had 22 punch floats by Dr. Y (5 turned out great, 17 failed) 3. Stupid me, I had $100 Southwest credit due to expire so I flew back to New Orleans for Dr. Y thinking to retry 15 of the prior failures. Huge mistake, as each one failed and I have 10 bad holes (he used a 1mm pu
  24. I have had several treatments; 1. 3 failed excisions on wider scars by Dr. Chris Zachary (so I am apprehensive about this, but I also think he has weak skills) 2. had 22 punch floats by Dr. Y (5 turned out great, 17 failed) 3. Stupid me, I had $100 Southwest credit due to expire so I flew back to New Orleans for Dr. Y thinking to retry 15 of the prior failures. Huge mistake, as each one failed and I have 10 bad holes (he used a 1mm punch, so they were very small, but he made shallow scars much
  25. The annals of medicine are filled with unfilled promises from hyped basic research and delays even if research leads to a viable product/treatment. Think how many decades we have been testng mice for cancer cures. This has led to some good drugs, but it took a long time with many failures. I think you are talking longer than 10 years, if ever. But, maybe I am a pessimist.