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  1. My guesses are: 1. Mfg first do studies for FDA clearance on wrinkles and pigment issues first becsue the market is way bigger than for acne scars. Docs want clearance to treat these conditions before they want a machine cleared for scarring because of the market size. 2. Scarring can be more diffcult to treat if deep, so clearnce might be more difficult to obtain than for wrinkles, etc. 3. Fraxel SR 1500 (restore) is likely to be less effective than the new fractional lasers that are ablative.
  2. Ask for references form previous scar patients. He may not have any to offer, but they may tell you something. I am not sure how reputable this doctor is. What is the best way to find this out?
  3. I'd 50-75% improvement. My rolling scars have improved a lot, not 100%, but you would only notice i had rolling scars if you knew where they were and were looking for them. Excision scars improved ~50%. Enlarged pores, 10-20%. Ice picks/failed excision didn't change noticeably. \ Excellent. Your reults are way better than mine, but the pattern was similar; namely, least (ie., no) improvement on scarred pores/ice pciks, with most on rolling. If I do anymore, I think I will try the f
  4. Zonk - what % improvement do you estimate? Variation by scar type?
  5. Pain is proportional to total KJs, which is a product of density and mjs of fluence intensity. The density auto dials down, as the intensity level is increased with SR 1500. However, you can override this reduced density to some extent by choosing a higher treatment level. I was not worried about pain, but did not want to go above a level that my Doc had used becasue I was concerned about a complication - not pain. If you have superficial scarring I would start low to see how you tolerate,
  6. I'm around, but busy. I had 6 fraxels with the 750 and 2 with the 1500. I think the 1500 works way better for scarring and we did not go as deep as most of the recent posters. My Doc and fraxel rep did not want to use a higher fluency on me. Yesterday, my office took some head shots of me to put in a client proposal. I may post them - little hesitant. You can't see any scarring in photos anyway. I am between Anne and MZ. I got maybe 20% improvement in scarring (hopefully I will see some
  7. I had my second SR 1500 at 50 kjs. I knew pain would not be a problem even at 70. However, my Doc's office has not gone above 50 and I would rather graduate up, before taking a risk that something would go wrong at 70. I know it is safe, but I have had other procedures that made my scars worse, so I am being cautious. Frankly, most of my problem now is fixing 3 excsisiosn and failed punch floats, which may not respond well to fraxel. This is probably my last procedure.
  8. As you note from my sig below, I have had 7 fraxels. I paid for 8, but have not had time off from work to get # 8, which is now set for this Wed. My results have been disappointing. I have some small scarred pores/icepicks and 3 excisions scars. None of these improved much with fraxel. On the other hand, I had many shallow scars that seemed to improve, maybe by 30%. Overall, I would rate it as 20% improvement, which I am happy with, but that is after 7 sessions! My scarring is deemed to
  9. I went to same Doc as Coolbreeze. She described the procedure correctly. Unfortunately, my results were disappointing, compared to hers. I had two red lumps form above 2 scars and Dr had to push graft down 2 weeks later with forceps leaving a small scar. Basically, these 2 look slighlty worse than before I did have improvements on other scars, but nothing close to 95%. I am not sure if I would recommend it based on my limited experience, but I do think the downside risk is low.
  10. billyboy


    I don't know how to answer. I am satisfied with improvement in tone and pigment. I am only mariginally satisfied with improvement in scarring. If it was a 5 point scale, I would give it a slihgtly to somewhat satisfied. Given this view, I can't easily answer a yes/no. I recommend that you restructure the question to have a 4 or 5 point scale becasue others may have the same dilemma.
  11. Great guy, but my punch floats were disasters.
  12. I have been told the same about icepicks/scarred pores - too small for both subcision and fillers. I have some success with 2 excisons, but the rest have been disappointing. I have tried dermal grafts and punch floats. Punch floats turned out very badly. Dermal grafts have been mixed, but basically not very happy so far, in part becasue I got a cyst and it made a bad scar. Also, it has not made much difference. Question to Dan T. My dermal graft is a combo of subcision followed by inserti
  13. It does not seem as if anyone is posting results. In seven treatments I perceive a 20 to 25% improvement. Anyone else care to venture their % improvement?
  14. I agree with Sm oore. I have had bad experience with punch floats and some excisions, but I have had some success with others. In every case, there will be a residual scar that will be hopefully smaller than before, but there is no guarantee. That is why excision is best reserved for deeper scars, as it increases the probability that there will be an improvement. Deeper scars can't be helped much by resurfacing, so excision is often the only or best alternative. My own experience is that e
  15. The scar is more like a wrinkle or line scar. It appears that center of graft is about 2 mm above the center of line scar. It produces a lump and is red so it has probably helped the scar minimally because it plumps the surrounding area. All in all, however, i think the lump is a slightly bigger negative than the plumping to scar. I am going to email doc to see if he thinks it might be wise to push lower. I would not have it excised, but am hoping that with subcision he could create lower p
  16. I saw texture and tone improvement early. My results on scarring were weak. From 7 treatments, I got maybe a 25% improvement, max. I am older than most. Honestly, however, it seems that very few have reported much improvement. I think it is mildly effective, but it will not help deep or large scars in a meaningful way.
  17. After a successful trial excision and test dermal graft with subcision, I had 5 more excisions and 4 more dermal grafts, plus several scars subcised. Well, the new excisions did not work as well as the trial, although none got worse, and some improved a bit. Still, very disappointing in relation to trial that improved 75%. Subcision seems to have helped a prior failed excision quite a bit, but other subcisons are way less impressive. For the 4 dermal grafts, the doc ended up using a wider
  18. My skin did not react this way to fraxel. Also, I don't think your doc did you any favors by not taking full face to ears and extending to jawline because the demarcation is fairly evident. I don't want you to feel bad, but i also want you to know that your skin's response is unusual. I too have regretted several scar treatments. I looks to me as if you have hyperpigmentation, which can be treated with topicals (I am no expert, but tri luma is what I have read). I would ask your doc. Also,
  19. Sciton introduced a fractional laser called Profractional in 2007 that will go to a depth of 1.5 mm. It is new so there is not much experience. Unlike the current generation of fraxel it ablates the surface at each pixel of thermal injury. I had a test patch done (in demo for my doctor by Sciton) but only to 100 microns. My new doc says he thinks this will be more effective than current fraxels for acne scars due to the partial ablation. He claims that his colleagues give fraxel low marks fo
  20. I can relate to being intially embarassed about seeking treatment, especially as an older guy seeking cosmetic improvement. For me this disappeared pretty quickly once i got started, so I am guessing this will happen with you also. You should not be embarassed about this and should be congratulated on taking on this tough task. I can also relate to being embarassed about spending time and money with weak results. I felt like a complete idot after having failures with 2 doctors (excisions
  21. Ylem - my last treatment was done by Reliant rep as demo of new machine to my fraxel doc.
  22. No not noticable except up very close. It may disappear entirely. Nurse who removed stiches this AM said I heal well. Unfortunately, they put on dermabond and steristrip so I won't see until Thursday. I'll post when I know more.
  23. poloho - sorry I thought you were female. I made presumption becasue your KJs were so low that I inferred small face, which implied female to me. In my trial dermal graft, he took softer material from behind ear. This last time, I had 5 punch excisions and he used the dermis part of the "punch extract" for dermal grafts. He said he prefers this over ear because the tissue is firmer and produces better result, plus no need to operate behind ear. I noticed this time that he must have used a s