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  1. Hey everyone, I've been a acne.org lurker for a while now and thought I'd finally make an account to share a couple things. I promised myself that if I found a "cure" for my acne that I'd been suffering with for a long time that I'd share it on here with the hopes of helping someone else. Well, it's not a cure, but ACV has changed my life. I'm sure you've heard all about it as I did before I tried it. I thought it was bullshit but was at the point where I had no other options, so I tried it out.
  2. Am I to understand that Macklemore just won Best Hip Hop video? Shame on us, white people

  3. You would think that since I lived in this complex last year I would know where the mailboxes are

  4. RT @TankNichols: This weekend was fun. So glad to be at school again

  5. Or maybe it was a golden retriever. Idk

  6. Being at this Tucker scrimmage makes me miss playing football here so much

  7. I couldn't pass up that deal to get a subscription to @SInow and NCAA 14 all for just 50 bucks

  8. WAY too much Honey Comb. WAY too much

  9. RT @SJM804: (First FB status the first night) "OMG COLLEGE IS SO AMAZING!" RT @chapel44: Freshman girls go insane for the first month or so…

  10. “@Ayo_Tuck: Stan is a real song” in my top 5 of all time

  11. Last day of work at Holiday Barn

  12. “@Michelle_Welch9: Come celebrate my last night in town” I can't I'm at Michelle's

  13. Micah, Dylan, Madison and Kelly are being awfully black right now

  14. RT @RTD_MikeBarber: True freshman Sam "Drago" Rogers is now listed as the No. 1 fullback on Virginia Tech's depth chart. Jerome Wright at N…