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  1. An update... several months later and Diane is still working. This month I had a few small spots show up, one on my cheek and a couple on my jawline. All very small and went away quickly without developing with a little bit of BP. But holy moly that scared me! Anyway, the horrific red marks I started with is basically faded. The nightmare of last summer and the acne is finally gone.
  2. I can speak from experience that the brand, Makeup Artist's Choice has very good products. I have used lactic acid on my skin and have "moved up" to glycolic acid. After a while of using lactic acid my skin seemed to get used to it or something and it was no longer effective. From what I understand, glycolic acid is the most intensive of AHAs because of its size. I think starting out small is alright, but be very careful and pay close attention to what your skin is doing during the peel
  3. @MoonlitRiver Hopefully this is just a minor setback, a random thing. Don't lose lose all hope!
  4. Third Week of Pack Four "Ovulation week" has come and gone and I had no breakouts! Let's hope reporting early doesn't jinx the rest of the month. Anyway, I'd say Diane is definitely working for me. I'm very happy
  5. Well I started with lactic acid at 40 percent. This was gentle enough for my sensitive skin while still making an impact on my skin. So, it did exfoliate but didn't burn my skin off. I'd start with something like that, higher than what you'd find in typical chemical exfoliant preparations (e.g. the AHA lotion from this site), and work up from there if you want to see more rapid results.
  6. glycolic acid or lactic acid are both amazing. my face was covered in very red marks and they are all quite faded now and many gone entirely after using these acids in the form of chemical peels done at home. the key is to build up your tolerance to stronger concentrations of acid so you don't damage your skin starting too high. the results aren't instantenous of course, but doing one peel a week (at night) for about three months now I can say that I've had definite improvements. in my galle
  7. Moonlit, thank you very much for your kind offer. I always find talking to people who really understand and even share the feelings I do much more helpful and consoling than talking to those who cannot or do not understand. I know they are trying to help, but constantly getting advice about how to "manage my time" to deal with anxiety or about "changing up my routine" to deal with my depression really does not help at all. In the end it actually just becomes annoying. Just talking to someone abo
  8. I was very worried about taking venlafaxine fearing it would cause a breakout for me. I'm in my third week now and so far my skin is lovely and clear (but covered with PIH, of course). For me, MH speaking, it's been up and down. The second week on the drug I felt *really* good, which was nice... confidence coming back, etc. This past week has been much more difficult. Yesterday I experienced something that felt like a panic attack which sent me running out of lecture and walking around the uni c
  9. Hi! I take diane35 and it's worked wonderfully for me. I was on an antibiotic as well but I've tapered off it and I'm still clear. I hope you have similar luck
  10. End of Pack Three The ovulation spot is mostly just a scabby thing now. It'd probably be gone now if I hadn't picked it. One tiny tiny whitehead on my jaw and a suspicious under-skin bump on my forehead, but it's small. Mood going into PMS time has been okay. Hard to judge this time around because I've started a new anti-depressant so that's altering my moods a bit too. PIH still fading. Pretty noticeable difference from this time last month, I think. Switching to a 50% Glycolic
  11. The greatest thing is if you get out of your comfort zone and smile a bit when you encounter people who maybe also looked glum and they smile back at you genuinely. It's a total rush, haha. I'm usually one to keep my head down in public because I get anxious, and I've been told I have a perpetual "bitch face" because of my natural expression. When I've pushed myself to smile a little I always feel enormously better for a bit. Sounds corny, but it totally worked!