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    My Acne Program

    If you currently suffer from acne, welcome to what will change your life. That's a promise I do not make lightly, having heard or read that exact same phrase myself more times than I can remember in my seemingly futile quest for clearer skin. This, however, is something quite different. This is my acne program. I have developed and perfected it over years of trial and error, adding things here and there as I've picked them up from countless current and former acne sufferers, dermatologists, esth
  2. I posted the other day about suddenly, inexplicably clearing up so much in the last few weeks that I was TOO clear to get my Accutane prescription when I went to my derm earlier this week, despite her suggesting it only a few weeks before. I've been looking back on what I did differntly that could possibly account for my dramatic improvement. The thing is, I've been doing and continue to do so much for my acne that it's too difficult to isolate any one variable in my ongoing regimen as the cruc
  3. When you do the egg/lemon mask, do you use the whole egg or just the egg white? I ask because I use the whole egg in my mask and am amply satisfied with the results, but wonder whether others have found it more effective or have concluded for some other reason that the mask is better applied with just the egg white.
  4. Dermatologists are concerned primarily with three major areas of analysis in your blood work both for baseline testing and routine tests (usually monthly) throughout your course: elevations in blood lipids/fats (trigylcerides), elevations in total and/or LDL (bad) cholesterol, and fluctuations in the levels of transaminases and blood proteins which indicate liver function. Anyone would want to minimize Accutane's tendency to produce these effects not only to ensure that they can complete a full
  5. I've cut milk entirely out of my diet for fear of breaking out. However, I've heard just recently that if and when milk is a trigger, it's really just SKIMMED milk. Apparently there isn't nearly so much a problem or even any problem at all with FULL CREAM milk when it comes to acne. The studies on the milk-acne connection deal primarily if not entirely with skimmed milk, leaving full cream milk either with a question mark or in the clear, so to speak. I'm not sure what "full cream" milk means
  6. I'm on Accutane (60mg/day at 75kg). I want to eat eggs. These are of course rich in vitamin A, and therefore hypothetically contraindicated for users of Accutane. They would form a pretty crucial part of my total protein and caloric intake for my muscle-building program in conjunction with my intense 1hr 4x per week gym sessions. If at all possible I want to keep eggs a part of my diet, to the tune of 4-6 eggs PER DAY. Is this dangerous, or can I begin chowing down stress-free?
  7. Antony

    My Acne Program

    AFTERWORD July 14th 2008 I no longer visit this website, its message board, or any of the threads containing my old posts, nor do I check my inbox for PMs. My account is effectively defunct. I've long since cleared up and have gratefully and gladly moved on to other things in my life. I sincerely wish the same for you, and I hope that my program may play some part in your solution. I just wanted to come back here one last time, and take a minute to say a couple of things: 1) A lot of people h
  8. Hi guys. Week 3 on Accutane here at 40mg/day, weight 70kg. Skin clearing nicely, but lips getting very dry, though mostly handled with diligent and fequent application of Vaseline petroleum jelly (unfortunately Aquaphor seems not to exist here in Ireland). The BIG problem at the moment is that I've just started developing the first fissure-lesion cracking phase of cold sore. I haven't had a cold sore in over a year. This is horrible timing as I've been away for a week and am seeing my girlfrie
  9. it's important to note that 'minimizing' pores is a cosmetic term while 'shrinking' pores is a pharmaceutical term. That is to say, you can minimize the appearance of your pores short-term using a variety of topical (surface) methods, but you can only physically alter pore size from within, specifically through Accutane (though proponents of mega-dose vitamin B5 for treating acne also claim that pores can literally shrink as a pleasant perk with such a regimen). Outside of Accutane (which leav
  10. I'd give it up, yeah, I'd give it up For a miracle, a miracle drug, a miracle drug God I need your help tonight Beneath the noise Below the din I hear a voice It's whispering In science and in medicine "I was a stranger You took me in" - U2, Miracle Drug THANK YOU FOR JOINING ME ON MY ACCUTANE ADVENTURE!!! Hello and first off a big thank you to anyone and everyone here on acne.org who shared their experience and insight to help me make this difficult decision with confidence. I a
  11. Antony

    Accutane dosage

    The consensus among dermatologists is that optimal remission of acne is best ensured with a cumulative course dosage of about 120-125mg/kg. You weigh 52kg and 40mg/day over 5 months is 6000mg, so in your case that's a cumulative course dosage of 115mg/kg; just a little shy of the ideal, but close enough. 1-2 weeks more than what your derm suggests would be the perfect course, but......... derms know best.
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    Wow I can totally relate to your post! You're right that when it comes to diet for acne vs bodybuilding, it seems like it's basically an either/or situation; either your skin or your body-- your choice! Sucks, don't it. You CAN compromise, but I totally know what you mean about the convenience of just drinking 3 pints of milk a day in order to guarantee your optimal protein intake. It is worth eliminating dairy from your diet for a few weeks just to see if this makes the difference-- for some pe
  13. LOL I don't think black kids feel a need to act gangsta, but it sure seems like a lot of white kids do! Why are there no black goths? I have no idea. Anyone care to suggest why? I'll try a theory: goths emerged as a clique in high schools among kids who couldn't otherwise fit in somehow and so sought to exist outside the system altogether, cynically commentating from the corner. In high school, in general, if you're black-- given the black-is-cool pop cultural environment of today (hip-hop b
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    ^^ I'd appreciate a follow-up clarification on this as well. What exactly did you do wrong?
  15. I think of goths as a cross between the Stoics; Brandon Lee in The Crow; heroin chic if Calvin Klein sold leather trench-coats; shoplifted mascara; and French existentialist clowns.
  16. Sociologically speaking, gothsluts are an especially fascinating sub-clique. LOL
  17. http://www.southparkstuff.com/scripts/scr714.shtml [south Park Elementary, loading bay. Stan finds the boys] Goth 1: [with black puffy, feathery hair, streaked in red] Life is pain. Life is only pain. [his large bang falls over his right eye, he jerks his head back to put the bang in place] We're all taught to believe in happy fairytale endings. [his bang fall over his eye, he jerks his head back] But there's only blackness. Dark, depressing loneliness that [his bang fall over his eye, he jerk
  18. Anyone ever notice that you never see black Goths?
  19. IMO a properly supervised low-dose course of Accutane (20-40mg over whatever period necessary to achieve a cumulative dosage of 125mg/kg) is not only safer for the average patient than long-term use of antibiotics but in almost all cases will clear you entirely and for good, whereas antibiotics have an embarrassingly low success rate. I know you have all heard about the murderous side-effects of Accutane, but these are very, very, very, very rare, and almost always emerge in cases where the pati
  20. Most married men do not have acne because most adult males do not have acne. Adolescence is hormonally characterized by elevated levels of androgens and IGF-1, which, in individuals with oversensitive oil gland receptors and/or hyperkeratinising intrafollicular dermal cells, can result in increased probability and severity of acne breakouts. These elevated androgen levels are necessary for proper sexual development and maturation, after which (in post-adolescence, i.e. early 20s), androgen lev
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    One thing for hell is sure, you're not going to get your mind off acne if you spend more than an hour a day here.
  22. LOL yes it's true, but strangely enough all the paradoxically attractive young people always sit by the windows so you see them as you pass by, but as soon as you get inside the McDonald's, away from the windows, it is full of unhealthy-looking and fat people. It's quite remarkable actually how this works out, I really recommend you test this for yourself if you don't believe me! Though bear in mind that obesity with or without a McDonald's diet is far less common in the UK, most probably becaus
  23. Antony


    Hm, I once thought about this a great deal myself. And perhaps it is highly unethical of me to even impart my thoughts on the matter, lest they encourage someone to do something foolish. I am not a dermatologist, nor am I a con artist. I just like to think about these kinds of things. If the following is inappropriate then of course a mod is free to delete it: Now I'm not condoning self-medicating here, but hypothetically... It is perfectly possible, IF someone were truly determined and at le
  24. OK so it's your dark puffy under-eyes, so-called "raccoon eyes" or "hangover eyes" or whatever. I'll copy this for you here from a previous post I made on the subject: Little known fact: dark bags under the eyes are actually a result of thin skin in that area. This is why this is the one part of the face where there are no sebaceous glands and why, no matter how severe a person's acne may be, acne simply cannot form in the skin just under the eyes. This is also why you will often see the same
  25. LOL so you look stoned all the time eh? man must be hard going through airport security! what's the issue? bloodshoot puffy dark-bag eyes with half-closed droopy lids? or do you just yawn and slouch a lot? get 30 minutes sweaty heavy breathing cardio every day, 3-4 L/day water, eat more vegetables and fruits and cut out sugary foods, and ensure 8-9 hours getting to sleep around 10-11PM and waking up at 7 AM. Do all this every day for 1-2 weeks and you should see a definite difference. Do you