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  1. kt12345

    Accutane Newbie

    Do it!!! Read my blog for more info
  2. kt12345

    Day 133

    Wow I can't believe it has been so long since my last post! Tomorrow is week 19.. I am supposed to be on a 20 week regimen and I am thinking I will have to extend it. While my skin is clear of active pimples and no more cysts or anything of that nature, I have scarring on my cheeks, major redness, and still uneven. All in all, I am not happy. I see all of these before and after and the afters are people with such smooth even PERFECT skin. Not sure if genetics has something to do with this b
  3. kt12345

    Day 77

    So it's been a while since Ive posted. As far as the condition of my skin right now there have been no active pimples. There have been a couple bumps on my chin where I've always broken out but that's about it. My skin is really smooth and hasn't been dry really. When I'm in the shower I circulate my fingers around my face and a bunch of dead skin falls off and my skin is then ridiculously smooth. My lips are unreal dry. Granted I haven't been drinking as much water as I did at the beginning but
  4. kt12345

    Month 4 (Completed)

    I began on zenatane. I think I would randomly get dry eyes like when I woke up but not consistently. It is a side effect of accutane either way. I wouldn't be surprised about you breaking out after switching. I feel it kinda makes sense almost like you're starting over with a new medicine. Thanks for the lotion recommendation, Im going to give it a try !
  5. kt12345

    Month 4 (Completed)

    I'm currently on zenatane! I feel like after reading other blogs I experience the same type of side effects. I got a rash on the top of my hands but just used Curel lotion from target and it went away. Otherwise I pay $0 for the medication and they ship it to my work or house depending because someone just sign for it. I'm currently in the middle of my third month. About when did you see the redness going away? My skin is pretty much clear but I just have redness from old pimples like you said
  6. kt12345

    Day 6

    @lolita44 my skin is looking really smooth but I still have some spots along my chin. I use my clarisonic only at night. My skin is red after but I feel it is red either way because its basically raw at the moment. I need to replace the brush head soon. I currently have normal but I am going to switch to sensitive. I think using the brush has helped with the necessary exfoliation without damaging my skin.
  7. kt12345

    Zenatane (Accutane) Anyone Heard Of It?

    I also got prescribed to it and didnt get an explanation as to why because I was more familiar hearing about the other types as well. I'm starting my second month and I definitely see an improvement! I'm doing 60 mg the entire 5 months.
  8. kt12345

    Day 26

    About a week ago I wrote an entire post and my computer crashed so let me see if I can remember everything.. My stomach pains went away thankfully. Sometimes, when I have been laying down and I get up my upper ribs have a sore feeling but it's nothing crazy. The past few days or maybe a week has been when I've DEFINITELY felt I was on accutane. It came to the point that my lips were so incredibly dry that there was nothing I could do but deal. They have been so dry that they are numbed t
  9. kt12345

    Accutane Day 4

    I'd say the fatigue is definitely a side effect youre experiencing. I felt the same but it has gotten better. Just make sure you sleep a good amount every night or else one day it'll all come back and you'll sleep 14-16 hours ( like I have a few times now). How your explaining your lips I believe is also the accutane. My biggest recommendation is to load up on water. At all times carry some with you. I usually drink most when drinking from a straw so I usually carry a Togo cup or I get a veinte
  10. Thanks sweet sunshine. What kind of side effects did you get? Avada was everything okay with your brother in the end? I feel like I'm just freaking myself. Yea I figured I'll just wait til my blood tests. If I get really freaked out I'll try and get some blood tests on my own time. Thank you both for your responses!
  11. I am in my second week of accutane and the past few days I have experienced a slight pain in my upper left and right area of my stomach. Sometimes I will feel it on the right side of my back as well. I know that body pain is part of accutane, I just am wondering if anyone else has experienced this and making sure it's nothing serious. It's definitely not unbearable. It's mostly like a small cramp then goes away.
  12. kt12345

    Day 12

    So today is day 12. Things have been going well. Again, I drink a TON of water and haven't seen much dryness besides on my lips which i apply the aquaphor and/or vaseline. The only thing that makes me kind of nervous is that two days ago I was feeling some uncomfortableness/minor pain in my life side after working out, kind of right where my ribs are. I wouldn't even go as far as to say pain but it was something I have never felt before. I googled it and it said that it could possibly b
  13. I can't imagine my life without my clarisonic. I use make up remover then my clarisonic every night. The clarisonic cleans 6x deeper than your hands. Typically, one might have a small breakout or bumps because of such a deep clean and it causes the pores to purge. However, after that your skin is just so smooth and clean. Like I said, I can't imagine life without it. It is SO worth shelling out the extra $. An investment to clean skin is worth it in my book .
  14. kt12345

    1St Week On Accutane Complete!

    @vee30 thanks girl! Do you have a blog or anything? When did you start seeing results with accutane?