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  1. man fuck it start smokin again....gotta die of something......
  2. you really should bottle that and sell it, i'd rather buy it and try it then to formulate it
  3. why did he tell u u shouldn't have taken it? i saw your pics, they certainly looked accutane worthy.....anyways u said u were on only 20mg....man im on 80mg and i weigh like 120 125 and my acne is moderate mostly red spots.....did he mean you should have taken more and that's why it will likely return?? what did he say you should have done?
  4. what kind of protein u guys use? i was thinkin of switchin to isomatrix
  5. hey curly what part of alabama you from?, im from bham...
  6. sup girl? i am on accutane also, for the same amount of time you have been on iy almost exactly, i am on my way to being clear also....good luck and hang n there
  7. accutane time my brother seriously...i have moderate acne, not bad as yours, but bad enough.....anyways i was on everything man including retin-a, i was scared of the side effects, but finally i was like screw it, and now i am on my way to being clear, look into it man for real
  8. applejacks, havent had those in a minute, does sound kinda scrumptous
  9. try using jasons alow vera gel as a moisturizer....should help a little
  10. pullin females, gettin the mackulation on, spittin the game, is what he is sayin i believe
  11. how do you wash your face in sea salt? like sea salt from the store?