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  1. If my mum ever lets me! Shall i just book an appointment with my GP and have a talk with her? Shes pretty nice and understanding - she offered to let me on it last time i visited her but again......my mum was like hmmmmm not sure better try the antibiotics again. Was pretty annoyed haha. Tried them again and no change!
  2. hi ok im new to this and nervous if any of my friends find this (not sure how/why they would be searching in this area of the internet though as they all have flawless skin ) If these awful pictures are found of me i will be scrutinized! Okay straight to it... I'm 17 years old. I have spotty, oily, T-zone attacked skin and i have tried everything. Seriously everything on the UK market. I know in terms of acne i am not that worse off compared to many others with extreme cystic acne, bu