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  1. I don't believe dairy has anything to do with acne. However too much grain and sugar can elevate insulin and lead to insulin resistance in genetically prone individuals. Insulin resistance has some correlation with acne. L2 use the internet brah. do some research. type into that thing called google acne dairy and boom! then you'll see. but they aint as harmful as sugar. carbs are our necessity and should be taken in moderation.u can keep it low carb and low GI/GL.but completely restrictin
  2. wow so flipping true lol its like i just read a post about gluten being a part of it aswell i am thinking what the hell will i eat then? loool its like i am on a diet i dont think i ate a proper meal today lol i can't think of one lol ... lol Ruweyda i would tell you but it would me being a hipocrit wait for a month and i'll tell you of the results i've taken some before pics hopefully they'll be better after 1s i'll post up this time next month i'll directly email and say how its gone and so
  3. Thanks tim for the advice will keep that in mind...have you ever been on accutance and what results you get? I heard some gruesome stories about that drug like you get suicidal and your lever is hanging on for dear life!....Don't you think diet and stuff like that effect us? its what i've been thinking this last month!
  4. Quinoderm,Duac,manuka honey, antibiotics, facewashs, benzoyl perexide facewashs,sudocrem,dettol soap,dettol liquid, tooth paste. Who hasn't tired all of these? all so promising always promising same results you stop them then pop pop comes back the acne. These products are good for there business but not ours. Is there such a acne cure? how many times have you been told this will clear your skin and believed it went out and bought it with no results or a minimum result . What haven't most a
  5. Thank you for this post so imformative i wrote a similar one to this talking about dairy products being a culprit dieting and such...At the moment i amchucking back water like i think its the last gallon of it on earth lol i've been drinking 3 liters minimum a day i am gonna try up the ante now am going take out gluten out of my diet.Seems the holistic approach is the only one i haven't tried i am going to see where it takes me because i am sick of these treatments you have to keep buying and bu
  6. am sorry mate.but i think u should weigh between a acne-free skin and milk. stick to whichever u love more! True! I still have it in my tea, but I stay away from too much dairy. I ate a ton of cheese a few weeks back and broke out so bad. Not sure if it was the cheese, but likely. Waiting for my BHA to get here to sort the aftermath out! Thats exactly what i am thinking Lewis i love milk i have been reading the ingredients to everything i eat and you will be shocked how much milk is in it
  7. cdfelds

    Tasty Nonsense Break out! I tried the reviews had the nice reviews i was so optimistic tried it and was dissapointed it lead me to a break out!
    Works Takes timmme Its good but not as good as quinoderm!...Apply once a day! I was using it but i prefer quinoderm faster results and better cause it comes in a gel dont know if thats why it takes long to be absorbed by skin :S i dont know this stuff but i know quinoderm is better! Wow and look at the price quinoderms like a fiver!
    Works fast Clears fast Clears you with a week max DRYYYYY as tobacco flakey skin won't cure Great product but leaves you to dry out like a raisin or tobacco Lool!...It will clear you skin in a matter of days!...But its not a permanent solution! Will work but it won't cure you!
  8. Drinking 2 liters of water a day not much of a help but maybe it takes time?

  9. I've read scientific studies on the link between acne and dairy products. Its a damning fact that is over looked by many if you've tried everything like me from quinoderm, duac, antibiotics ah so many even went to the extremes of manuka honey c'mon putting honey on my face thats where acne will take you. Desperate attempts to clear your skin and claim your life back confidence and all. Now i've battled with acne for so many years its depressing to think am going to battle with it any longer