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  1. So sorry that I have not updated for such a long time. But here is a pic of me now. 243 days on Retin A. Clindamycin and Azelaic acid is required for me. I will let the pic speak for itself: http://imgur.com/RdDIugt
  2. lmao you were so right! it is very very up and down! worst breakout I had in years. but now things are looking up again! this rollercoaster is a blast. haha
  3. Update! Sorry I have not been posting daily! But after about a week of clear skin, my skin broke out again. I got these tiny whiteheads in random places around my face. Sucks. But I think they are going away. I've been applying retin a every single night now....Wish me luck!
  4. http://imgur.com/5mYGrUt,PYCSOFQ,s0mWu6x my skin in two weeks! Yes I had mild to moderate and highly persistent acne. Everyday I would get at least a spot. And now and then a moderate breakout. My IB on retin sucked hard. not as bad as others but it was bad for me since I never had that bad of a breakout before (even accutane IB is a joke compared to the IB i got on retin a). But I am so glad I stuck with this stuff! It is amazing.
  5. http://imgur.com/5mYGrUt,PYCSOFQ,s0mWu6x my skin! in just two weeks!
  6. sorry I have not updated in a long time! I am in love with tretinoin right now! pores are tighter, PIH is dissolving, and my acne is...uh I have none! ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank god I stuck with it.!
  7. In love love love with my skin right now! omg tretinoin is soooo good. My skin has never been better! so glad I stuck with it. I thought low dosing was effective, tretinoin is even more focused!
  8. wow. so much redness!!!! the acne is very small but it makes the surrounding area red and then leaves.
  9. hey JJ i kinda have good experience with low dosing. 60 mg a week for 6 months is a long time! you should be seeing some good effects. the best way to tell if it's working is checking your oil levels and texture of your skin. if your oil levels are down and your skin is smooth, then it is working! If long term accutane does not work for u, i suggest trying Retin A. It closes pores and increases skin renewal, and you can take it forever. It does nearly the same thing as accutane and wha
  10. Update: Sorry folks for the absence! It has been about 2 months since I stopped Accutane and 35 days since I started Tretinoin (Retin A). My dermatologist thought that it would be more effective to try tretinoin cream since I was taking micro doses of Accutane, which he thought too little to do anything. So I decided to try out Retin A. I have been on .05% Retin A for 35 days now. At first, it was hell. Well, not hell but it break me out pretty badly and made my face look like a blotchy
  11. Update: everything is dying down. thank god!
  12. Face feels much better since I started taking it every other night instead of nightly. hopefully it is just as effective!
  13. Wow, I can honestly say I hate my skin right now. Kinda wish I did not start this treatment. I know that I am only 1 month in, but I already want to quit. Please work faster!
  14. Update: Day 30 - Face feels tight and dry. Skin is blotchy. Few breakouts that are creating pih marks as they come up. But all of them are pretty small and nothing is forming into anything serious. It just sucks that they leave red spots. Most of my acne is concentrated on my right cheek, not sure why. I still have a slight red tint to my face. Face is not peeling anymore, rarely flakes. It's a real struggle. I fee like I am on Accutane all over again.