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  1. mtallia

    Day 87 80Mg

    So I'm almost a full 3 months into my Accutane treatment at 80mg a day. The best advice I can give anyone taking it reading this is to really space out your dosages. I forget who told me this on this forum but he told me he was on the same dosage and spaced out his dosage more such as taking it in the morning and also at 10ish at night. I tried this because usually I would take it after a meal in the morning and also around dinner time around anywhere from 5-7. So I started taking the second 40m
  2. So I figured I would give an update on my progress thus far. So last week I started using st.ives oatmeal and shea butter body wash and all I can say is WOW! My chest/back are horrendous and get dried out big time which is what I need but something about this body wash is really helping me see results. I don't know if it's the wash or the fact the accutane is finally working there but I feel better using the wash and over the last week my back has felt a lot better. A week ago it got really bad
  3. mtallia

    Pictures! (Finally)

    Yeah I've heard there are some home chemical peels people used on this site and had good results. I know I want/need laser and that will be costly, it's already $485 for accutane! I will for sure get some kind of laser and I'm sure my derm will know which one I need and I'm lucky he's understanding and didn't hesitate to put me on the highest dosage which I needed. But yeah once I'm off this I plan on doing some home chemical peels so I don't have to pay ridiculous derm prices for a simple peel
  4. mtallia

    Pictures! (Finally)

    I use to dip a lot and I stopped about a month through this treatment and I think it has had an impact but who knows if that's true haha. I just want my body to start clearing because that's where I have it horrendously!
  5. mtallia

    Pictures! (Finally)

    It's crazy ever since I started commenting on this blog I have begun to see a big improvement on my face and overall feel. I tried spacing out the dosage last night to about 9pm instead of my usual dinner at 4-7 and I I can feel it working better its odd. But yeah I'm still looking for that great lotion to use daily so I'm not so dry and I will try tha vaseline cocoa butter because I heard palmers clogs pores. Thanks for all the help hopefully once I'm really clear and past these bad breakouts I
  6. mtallia

    Pictures! (Finally)

    Yeah I'm lucky that so far I haven't had any SERIOUS side effects just the usual dry skin and chapped lips (just got some aquafor!). But yeah as far as picking/popping I am trying my best despite the extreme discomfort, I just need to trust the process and stop! The shea/oatmeal body wash is amazing even for someone like me with really bad body acne and large bumps so hopefully once I smoothen out it will feel even better. I just not get back pains only after sleeping and I wake up with some low
  7. mtallia

    Pictures! (Finally)

    Yeah I have been thinking about how and when I take my dosage of 80mg. Each pill is 40mg so usually I take that in the morning when I wake up after breakfast because taking it with a meal is vital. But sometimes I will take the second pill anywhere from 4-7 depending upon when I eat dinner. Would you suggest taking it later so it's always in my system like you said? Also I completely agree with the washing. My skin gets irritated if I do too much sometimes and usually often I don't wash at all b
  8. mtallia

    2 Months In

    I'm right there with you man I'm at 80mg and I have it horrible on my chest/back we are talking big painful cysts/blood postules. So I have trouble not picking/popping to relieve pressure/pain but I too am going through some tough breakouts which I thought I got through. I'm almost 2.5 months in at 80mg so even though its hard and painful not to pick/pop sometimes I am going to try my best and hope by doing so it wont spread an infection and heal better without scaring but I know I am going to h
  9. mtallia

    Pictures! (Finally)

    I've been asking this all over but did you pick or pop at all? Looks like your skin is coming along great and while my face has improved a little I am having a lot of trouble with my back/chest which is really bad so I constantly have cysts. I know I'm not supposed to pick/pop but what exactly is your process because obviously it works! I'm almost 2.5 months in at 80mg
  10. Today is day 67 of my treatment at 80mg. I understand I'm probably going to get a lot drier than most people because I'm on the highest dosage but recently just as I felt things were getting better on my chest/back, it started to get really painful with big cyst like blood postules all over and I couldn't move even to reach certain directions so of course I had to start managing them. I called my doctor today and asked him (or I guess his assistant) if I should just leave everything alone and no
  11. mtallia

    Month 2 Of Accutane

    Well my skin is weird. Sometimes not even using anything helps it more than using wash on my face/body. But of course the right wash helps. As for my body most things irritate it so I avoid washing with anything which actually helps it believe it or not. But yeah I do need to find something, I don't mind dryness because my body really needs it to help rid the cystic stuff but overall its gotten slightly better. But thank you!
  12. mtallia

    Month 2 Of Accutane

    Thank you so much, I've heard Aveeno is good and I need to get more consistent with my regimen so hopefully this can help. What about body wash?
  13. mtallia

    Month 2 Of Accutane

    What is the exact name of the moisturizer?
  14. mtallia

    Month 2 Of Accutane

    I will definitely have to look into that! You guys are lucky you can wear makeup haha
  15. mtallia

    Month 2 Of Accutane

    I know I'm gonna have some scarring but I think for me its mostly redness not so much deep ice pick type scars. I really only have one noticeable one on my face which I plan on gettin laser after this is all done. But I think the big thing is jus getting redness to go away which will happen as I progress and I've heard people see a lot of results even after they go off it. Overall though I just feel better, not as many painful cysts of course I'm dry but things are generally getting better espec