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  1. Hi Vancouver, I can't really say with much authority what will happen with your skin and tca. I'm sure there will be discoloration for a month or two at least, but hyperpigmentation generally fades on its own in 3 months tops. I don't think this means you have to wait theree months to do peels, especially if you're doing a 12.5 %, which is a light peel. I have some shallow rolling scars that I am going to try tca cross on tomorrow, I think that might help more than just a full face peel. I
  2. Hello DepressedJ, I have similar scars and (a similar frustrating situation where the average person insists they can't see any scars). You might want to try having them needled or doing TCA cross ( I can't speak for TCA cross as I haven't tried it) and then a few light peels over a 4-5 month period. I'm trying silicea, but can't say much for it as I just started it...I wish I could help you more. Those are my suggestions for your scars. Very honestly, I did have a hard time looking for them
  3. Hey Jenya, I just started so I can't really say. It seems promising though, physiologically speaking.
  4. I read somewhere that silicea only works if all of the skin layers are present. I just started taking silicea and am going to do TCA cross on a few large depressed scars on Tuesday. I'm wondering if that will interfere with silicea working. Does anyone have any ideas?
  5. Whoohoo! I just talked to Dr. Y (yes, he's nice) and he said that I have very little that would need to be punch elevated and that it wouldn't be worth my time to come to NO twice just to get two icepicks elevated. I don't know if I'm going to be going to Dr.Y for the dermabrasion, but he gave me some good advice. I think that flying to NO and paying $4500 is all a bit too much for me. I'm also starting to think that the diamond wheel will be safer for me than the brush. I have a consult w
  6. Hey North, I have a consultation set up with a otolaryngologist at the University of Michigan. I called their Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center in Livonia and got a pretty promising answer when I asked about dermabrasion. I made sure to ask several times to distinguish between microdermabrasion and dermabrasion. All of the doctors there perform both Laser and Dermbrasion, the nurse says regularily. They do it with the diamond wheel though. THey are pretty booked up, if you want one of the mor
  7. Yes...I'm really beginning to wonder how doctors who have "specialized" in fields such as dermatology don't even KNOW what all of a patient's options are. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. It really makes me so frustrated that this has happened to so many people. Best, Kim