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  1. Hey! Yes, it definitely did. Night and day difference. Hope all is well with you.
  2. Hey, wow haven’t been on here in so long but yeah, the second round was much needed and helped immensely. I didnt really have any adverse effects other than the dryness either time and no issues since then so as long as your blood comes back normal I would say go for a second round. Since finishing the second round my skin has been way better, not perfect by any means, though I am hyper aware of anything that pops up from the bad years. Still usuing a lot of the same products and i never get mor
  3. Month 5 Sorry for the delay but I wanted to wait until the 23rd so I can do an update exactly five months after starting. One more month to go and I'm extremely satisfied with the results so far. The last two weeks I've gotten maybe 4 new ones and none of them were bad at all. The entire month I've gotten less than ten which I'm very happy about. Lips are still pretty much the only side effect still but they are pretty bad. So everything is going well for the most part, in the home stretch
  4. Congrats man, I can't wait to finish my course and not have to use Chapstick every ten minutes. I hope it stays gone for good this time. Good luck.
  5. Week 19 So I probably have about six weeks left and its working great. This week I only got one again and it wasn't bad at all. My lips are still extremely dry and its really annoying but I'm coming up on the home stretch so it's definitely manageable. No other side effects at all thankfully and that's pretty much it, steady progress.
  6. Yeah I wouldn't put too much stock in his reaction even though he is a dr. If you think your face is doing better and you feel good about it than it is doing better, especially since we're all our own harshest critics and tend to obsess over it. Two months is not that long to be on it so I wouldn't worry just yet and since you've made it this far you might as well stay the course (provided the side effects and blood work remain normal) so good luck with the rest of your time on the drug, I think
  7. Yeah much milder and controllable up until January of this year when it just got out of control, but that was a good five years after finishing the first one so I still consider it a success.
  8. Yeah it's rough but it was definitely worth it, most people have more success and don't need a second course. It only seems like a common thing because the people who have trouble getting rid of it are more likely to come to this site. It's a strong drug but don't worry too much about it.
  9. Week 18/ 4th month Thanks Whitney, yeah the 80 mgs is working great for me I'm glad I'm not going up any further because I don't think I could deal with my lips being any dryer than they are right now lol. So the 4th month saw 10-12 new spots which is great progress, the past two weeks I've only gotten two new ones. Still have a couple clogged pores that will eventually surface but I don't see them being too bad when they do. My lips are the only thing that bother me at this point, they ca
  10. Yeah It comes and goes for me and CeraVe lotion usually takes care of it. I'm glad it's working so well, I hope the progress stays steady.
  11. I found CeraVe to be a lot better than Cetaphil even though Cetaphil never broke me out.
  12. Week 17 Thanks Wilson, good luck to you too. This was a really good week, only one new one and it was small. I may have one coming in near my eyebrow but even if it does, I don't see it being too much of a problem. I still have some annoying clogged pores near my mouth but they are slowly surfacing and getting taken care of. The dryness on my face has gotten much better since being able to use the CeraVe while I sleep. I haven't done any masks in a while but I will soon just cause I liked
  13. You just gotta hang in there, some people break out up until a few weeks after they finish their course, then they get clear and stay clear. It's a weird drug in the sense that the rate of progress can vary so much from person to person. I can imagine how frustrating it must be to get clear then break out more while still on it but since you're taking so much of it, the chances of it working are that much better. I'm on my second course after taking it about six years ago with great results. Don
  14. I know you don't want to talk about medications but give accutane a shot.
  15. We all know how tough it can be, obsessing over it all day and hating the mirror while standing in front of it for way too long. You can't give up though, there are so many different treatments out there, one of them will work . It takes a lot of patience, but it is temporary and you will eventually find something that works for you. Yeah acne is devastating on self confidence, but it does help to take control of other aspects of your life and improve on them, this way it will feel that much bet