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  1. Stress, food, stress, irritation, etc are all trumped by a well kept regimen using BP and cleanser. I used to think those things mattered way to much until i realized i could still touch my face here and there, eat whatever i want, and change my sheets/pillow case once a week or so (instead of every night) etc. and still not get acne.
  2. Yep. been there done that. What got rid of mine was to stop using BP during the day. I apply it religiously at night though. I thought i needed to apply it day AND night but that is only true with my back which has pretty bad acne. Otherwise you can mix Jaba oil in with your moisturizer. What ever you do, apply moisturizer day and night regardless if you put BP on or not.
  3. Use Dan's 5% BP. Its the perfect combo as there are negatives with using both to much, or to less. It WILL bleach your clothing so I would suggest wearing it religiously at night but not so much during the day if you like to keep your shirts in good shape lol. Derms can prescribe pills for acne and it kills the bacteria that causes acne from the inside out (from what I understand) and it works for some, and others it doesn't (like me). Do what works for you. If the exfoliation works, then that's
  4. Go to the dermatologist if you can. If not, try Dans Regimen. Twice a day wash, apply Benzoyl Peroxide, and apply moisturizer. Worked wonders for my skin with moderate Acne.
  5. Honestly doesn't even look bad. If you have acne problems then I would suggest using dans products. It cleared my moderate acne very well!!
  6. Her time might come one of these days but she still seems to young to be having acne. Either way, if they start popping up you know what to do, assuming you found a treatment for yours.
  7. Follow Dans Regimen (wash twice a day, apply benzoyl peroxide twice a day and moisturize twice a day) and use his products if its moderate acne. You will be clear in about a month. I had deep pimples as well, and they would come and go in about 2 weeks. Every day I had 2 or 3 new ones though. Some were deep and others were more towards the surface. Either way they were extremely debilitating in my daily life. Ive used tons of products and nothing worked. I took minocycline pills and that didn't
  8. My back took twice as long (atleast) to clear up than my face. So about 3 months or so. Your back doesn't look to bad. Border line self conscious IMO if you were to go swimming or something. Apply BP twice a day if you can. Foods have been blamed for acne but to be honest, it doesn't affect me and there have been no solid results showing that being the case. Stress can flare up acne though.
  9. Seeing a dermatologist would answer all your questions. I couldn't really help you otherwise.
  10. No, do NOT use soap for acne. Period. Get a gentle cleanser. Ideally one meant for mild/severe acne. Cetephil is good stuff or just use Dans cleanser. Done.
  11. Clear skin, but then you say tiny pimples that wont go away? So they keep popping up but just little small ones? Sounds like it could be due to lots of facial irritation IMO. Lots of makeup, touching hands to face, face strap or something. I personally don't use AHA, but ive heard it can help with that specific issue. You can try incorporating it into your regimine and see how it does.
  12. I doubt it will scar. Put some scar cream on it, and call It a day. Don't worry about it!
  13. There are multiple moisturizers you can use out there! Either way, its supposed to moisturize your skin so its kind of hard to get away from that. Better than being all flaky lol
  14. There are tons of moisturizers out there if Dans doesnt satisfy you! And just do what works for you. I don't have the luxury of being able to do that because if I did, my skin would start to flake it would be so dry lol
  15. Lay off the BP if your skin gets really irritated. Firstly though, add more moisturizer day AND night regardless if you applied BP or not and STOP using the acid. If you have been using BP and moisturizer for some weeks and you still have acne, then start using AHA/acid but until then, don't use it.