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  1. The trouble with diet causing acne is figuring out what precise foods are causing the problem. There are just so many foods that can cause acne. If you figure 3 meals a day, how would I know which of these foods caused the acne? I'm pretty sure that acne breakouts occur within 24 hours of consuming the problem foods. So here's my idea: try fasting for a few days at a time. If complexion clears, try a new food on your list (just one food item). If complexion stays clear, try a new food, et
  2. Some guy put up a post in this forum recently suggesting diet is completely responsible for acne. At first I did not take this post seriously. However, it got me thinking about my own experience, plus the experiences of of acne.org members who have indeed solved their acne problem 100% through a new diet. Are you ready for a theory? Here goes... I believe people suffering from acne fall into 1 of 3 categories: 1. Diet having no significant effect. When I was a teen, this was the case for
  3. OK, so now I have decided to improve my diet in the interests of clearing my acne. This is because I have noticed for my body, acne does increase after eating certain foods. I realize that some people are lucky and food has no impact, but I am not one of those people. Do I have to learn to cook to do this in the US? Is there any fast food that is not harmful? I'm thinking grilled chicken sandwiches, salads, Subway sandwiches (no mayo), etc. Already I eat an apple or an orange a day, maybe
  4. Works great, clearned my skin beautifully, no initial breakout, cannot be used long term since antibiotic.
  5. Last night a lady told me she enjoyed watching me dance (I teach ballroom). That was nice of her.
  6. On the plus side it worked like magic for my skin, which cleared up and looked fantastic. On the minus side, after I stopped using it, my acne returned 100%. I found it to be a great short term solution, worthless long term.
  7. So, after being on the Regimen for only 4 days, this morning I spot a pimple on my forearm, a whitehead. Amazing! Thing is, it reminded me of how in the past, when I used lots of BP, acne would show up in unusual spots on my body (spots where I did not use BP). For instance, I once had a pimple show up...in my ear! lol, it never occurred to me to apply BP in my ear. Anybody else experience this? It's like my body is saying, "We need a certain number of pimples. So if you want them gone fr
  8. I just started Dan's regimen and am optimistic that it will cure my 20+ year acne problem. But my plan B is to see a Derm and go on Accutane. Having seen many Derms in the past and tried lots of treatments (all of which failed to greater or lesser degrees), I would need to find a good one. So, does anybody know of a good one in the San Francisco Bay Area? One thing I need is someone who will expedite me to Accutane because there is no reason to waste any more of my life suffering with acne
  9. Subject 35 year old male with mild to moderate adult acne. Skin problems have existed since teenage years. Severe acne in family tree. Prior treatments have included 10% benzoyl peroxide panoxyl bar, salicylic acid, minocin, tretinoin. Acne observed on subject's face, front and back of neck, back and chest, and upper arms. Moderate scarring on subject's chest. Data Upon discovery of acne.org, subject spent hours studying as much of the detail as he had time to absorb. That same day, subje