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  1. yeah.. exercise is a huge variable in maintaining clear skin for me... because it allows me to cheat more on my diet... and i LOVE the summertime because i too can more easily sleep 8 hours, relax, and get all the exercise i want, etc. it's all very good. i stay away from sugar, trans fats, nuts, dairy, and refined/processed crap.. but do allow myself to cheat within moderation. if i'm sticking to my diet say, 85% of the time, and exercising religiously (mid-high intensity cardio).. then i'm
  2. hmm.. it's my favorite drink too - but i just drink it unsweetened. everywhere i go i can get it sweetened or unsweetened - even mcdonalds! but i live in the northeast.. so maybe that's why. i've heard sweetened tea is everywhere in the south. maybe you could try sweetening it with stevia.. that wouldn't be bad at all.
  3. thanks cjb.. i agree with you and think they're certainly worth a try for anyone who has the inclination to give them a whirl. that might be me someday... but not today. leah, that is great news that you've a solution to heal your skin, allergies and excema. i'm curious to know if you follow any sort of restricted diet?
  4. uhmm.. there's like fifteen threads within this forum regarding lemon juice and it's helpful effects on acne. several people have posted included myself that have specifically tried it themselves and found results.. why not try a completely CRAZY idea: test something yourself. if it works for you - then perhaps, just maybe, you could conclude that it DOES WORK FOR YOU!! :D
  5. good for you marcus.. i think you'll definitely see improvement by avoiding fast food, sugar and refined/bread products. yes, i definitely agree that you should be perfectly safe with eating eggs. i eat 2-3 scrambled with veggies usually 3-4 times a week without any trouble at all. the same goes for chicken, i eat chicken usually 2-3 a week (boneless skinless breasts). lean turkey breast is very good too. i've read that coconut oil is very good for getting rid several types of parasites.. and
  6. well. it just all just still seems toooo uncomfortable for me, personally. probably if i still had my cystic acne, after trying every single other thing, i might be more inclined to try it. but i've worked hard to learn what i can and can't eat and i've found a program/lifestyle that suits me. i read some of the sites that say it's imperative to have an ultrasound prior to doing a flush because you want to make sure there aren't any stones that could be too big and would cause problems. i'
  7. well, i drink the detox teas.. (yogi brand). i can't say whether they help me or not, really. but i like the taste and *think* they help, so there's something to be said about that i guess. my skin reacts most to diet and exercise and as long as that is good, i'm okay. i'm too afraid to do a liver flush. i KNOW it's ridiculous but i worry a huge stone will get stuck somewhere on it's way out, and i'll die. or at the very least have to go to the hospital because something doesn't feel right
  8. i usually take 2-3 tablespoons after a high glycemic meal.. and you'll want to use apple cider vinegar for best results. i use bragg's (organic).
  9. keep taking the probiotics - they won't hurt you, they are your friends.
  10. yes, carrot juice is amazing. i only discovered the wonders of it a couple of months ago.. but i've been drinking on average 8-10oz a day. it allows me to relax quite a bit on my diet. i actually just did an experiment where the week before last i didn't drink any - and my skin reacted. last week i returned to drinking it daily and my skin is clear once again. i wasn't sure if it was truly the carrot juice, or the probiotics finally repaired all my digestion issues. obviously, the carrot
  11. i also LOVE the desert essence blemish stick (Ingredients: Grain alcohol, witch hazel, tea tree oil, essential oils of calendula, blue chamomile, rosemary, lavender, thyme, birch, and petite grain).. and i use baking soda as a exfoliant but only once every 3 days - otherwise it's too drying. i cleanse morning and night with a gentle natural bar soap containing aloe vera and use jojoba oil as a moisturizer.
  12. i think the best dietary advice is to really find out for yourself through trial and error what works for you and what doesn't. it's very difficult to tell someone what specifically to eat because we all seem to have different intolerances/allergies. not to mention tastes in food. for example of the post above by remember4 - i know that if i were to adopt that diet, my skin would not clear because i have problems with oats AND walnuts. and although i have NO trouble with garbanzo beans, i h
  13. yay!! - this is a GREAT, happy thread. let's keep it that way!! i bet there are several of us who can attribute one after another the success we've found after making diet changes (that are anything BUT simple). personally, it took me a very lonnnnng time to figure out my triggers, and i'm STILL learning things. i too had cystic acne on my face, back, neck and sometimes chest and have the same triggers (dairy, refined sugars, red meat). in terms of grains i also have trouble with wheat a
  14. as i understand it, phytoestrogens balance estrogen levels by decreasing estrogen levels in perimenopausal women and increasing estrogen levels in postmenopausal women.... so in perimenopausal women such as myself (women who still have active menstruation cycles) studies have shown than phytoestrogens encourage normal ovulation and lengthen the second half of the cycle, which is when progesterone is at it's highest levels. sometimes women with estrogen dominance will often NOT ovulate and th
  15. yeah, i definitely have symptoms of estrogen dominance too and i take flaxseed oil to help combat this. i've read that flaxseed oil can help balance out your hormones - by increasing progesterone... below is a quote that i'm pasting from the world's healthiest foods site on the flaxseed info page: "Typically, during the 10 years preceding the cessation of periods at midlife, estrogen levels fluctuate while progesterone levels steadily decline. Flaxseed, by promoting normal ovulation and length
  16. 4-5 days a week for me, high intensity cardio (running/elliptical/biking) for an hour. i also do light weights, pushups and pullups to maintain upper body strength/tone. most definitely, positively helps with my skin. weeks when i'm sick, too tired or don't make it to the gym enough - my skin is worse.
  17. hmmm.. this makes a lot of sense to me. i suffer from raynaud's syndrome/phenomenon.. which is basically a circulatory issue. my hands get extremely cold and turn white/blue.. when the temperature drops below 50 degrees (on average), or when under emotional distress. this condition has calmed down significantly - right alongside the clearing of my skin. i've cleared the majority of my acne mostly through modifying my diet (a LOT less sugar for one thing, and i've read that sugar makes the bl
  18. Hi knucklez, I can tell you that for me, eating 100% natural foods and absolutely no junk for approximately nine months -cleared my severe cystic acne. I strongly believe that it takes a significant amount of time for diet changes to work, and it takes time for your insides and skin to heal. I suffered from cystic acne for 21 years, with the cystic acne on my face, back and occasionally chest. I kept it under control in phases through various medications, but the medications were always only
  19. okay - we get it. you don't NEED to go into it or subtly imply it every other post. you had a traumatic experience when you were younger that has basically made it impossible for you to consider internal cleansing to help your acne. therefore, you collect and rely on every single reason you can think of as to why it wouldn't work for you - even IF you were open to it. i'm not at all condemning you for this pattern of thinking - as i believe EVERYONE does it with regard to one thing or ano
  20. hey good for you for having the dedication to have made it 8 months!! personally, i think that has probably done a lot to clean out your system internally. i did the same.. for approximately the same amount of time, and then found that i was able to relax, and 'indulge' as you say.. on average probably 10-20% each day. so for example on any given day 80-90% of my food choices will be 'good' (for me, fruits vegetables, lean meats)- 10-20% will be 'bad' (for me, sugar, dairy, starch/wheat). i
  21. however not everyone feels the effect of increased fatigue - for example, i don't. i make sure that i eat enough so that it doesn't become a problem. it's good that it tastes strong to you - i think the stronger the better. i juice one large lemon (usually amounts to 1/4 cup of pure juice) into a 10oz glass of room tempature water. i don't think the tempature really matters though. i just hate drinking ice cold water. i try to do this a couple of times a day. once in the morning and once a
  22. what i eat most definitely is related to the condition of my skin. i've suffered 20 years worth of acne, and within the past year have gone from horrible cystic acne on my face, back and sometimes chest - to 90% clear skin... THROUGH DIET alone. i now have 98% clear skin - but in addition to diet, i need to exercise and take a few supplements (EFA's, probiotics, and things to help my digestion such as lemon water and/or apple cider vinegar). i still have blackheads, and clogged pores, but th
  23. xmarysue


    i initially avoided eggs too, because i had read controversy surrounding them and their effect on skin and decided to be safe rather than sorry. however, over the past month i've added them back into my diet. i have 3 organic eggs scrambled for breakfast 2-3 times a week. they're a good source of vitamin b12 (which i'm lacking) and the protein definitely helps me get my day off to a more satisfied start (in terms of hunger). hopefully they will work for you!
  24. oh.. yeah, that wine is classified as a dry wine, which means it has relatively low amount of residual sugar. so, that probably wasn't it. one thing for sure, is that there are a lot of variables that can lead to break outs and that's why it's so darn hard to conquer. if for the most part following a low glycemic diet helps your skin (as it does mine) then i'd continue to stick with it. maybe you could try the exact same meal some time in the future, just to see if you have the same reaction
  25. hmmm... okay, but there sweet red wines (table wines, red zinfadels, sangrias, etc - and these are not wine coolers) and there are dry red wines (merlots, shiraz). a big difference between the two, and i'm only able to drink the dry red wines without trouble. so i was thinking maybe there was more sugar in the wine than you realized. that's all.