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  1. UPDATE: Month 2/ Week 6: Spiro 50/63mg + Isotrex Combo Well, been just over a month now and in this second month I have added another half tablet to the two 25mg spiro tablets that I take in the morning to aid the progress. This makes about 63mg and I've found it has helped my skin become less oily. I am pleased to say it has helped and even throughout the tiredness I carried on exercising consistently, plus drinking more water, which has helped me feel more healthier in general. I don
  2. Hey hun great to see the improvements! Hope you could update us on if you are still on spiro??
  3. UPDATE: Back on Spiro 50mg + Isotrex Combo Wow, haven't updated my blog for so long lol, but yeah I am back on the Spiro at 50mg. Started yesterday which was the 1st of June. I will add that I have added few other things to complement this treatment which include 1-2tsp of fish oil (with retinol), clean sugar-reduced diet, Isotrex application every other night and exercise! I am very prone to putting weight on my belly, whilst the rest of my body stays slim which gives me a top-heavy sh
  4. Hey I was reading this, I am interested in taking fermented cod liver oil to help my skin. Where do you buy it from and how's it going so far??
  5. UPDATE: 2 Weeks On low dose Isotretinoin (10-15mg) Right, thought it would be good to update my blog on this rather lovely Friday afternoon.. Well, I am on day 16 on my low dose oral Isotretinoin course and I am pleased to say it has started to take effect on my skin. The first few days I could hardly tell any difference, but in this last week my skin is definitely smoother and less oily. I am recognising that delicate baby-ness of my skin all over my body which I was so used to during m
  6. I'm glad you found my words encouraging, acne does indeed humble you as a person and I found after I got over my worst acne, it changed me. I was very superficial before the acne and felt looks were important etc, but after the acne, even when my skin improved to the point others could not tell I'd ever had acne, I realised looks are not really that important as they change but your pride and happiness should be based on the person you are on the inside as that is what really lasts and counts in
  7. Hey guys, I just want to say patience and hope are definetely needed and these meds DO improve your acne, just not overnight. To make things easier don't examine yourself everyday, not weekly even but let the months go by one by one, and every so often take note of the improvement. Yes, some months it may seem your acne gets worse but eventually as time goes on these bad phases will die out and the good months will become more constant. Until then keep busy, whether you are at work or in edu
  8. Hey, so sorry for the late reply! If you read this I hope you are still on Spiro, it doesn't work quickly and takes a few months to show some effect. Obviously, it varies from person to person but I would give it atleast 6 months before you decide if it's helping you or not. Also, it depends on the dose you are taking as some people will improve on 50mg and others will need to take upto 200mg for it to help them. As for the isotrex, that will definitely take a few months to work, so I hope if y
  9. UPDATE: 27 Weeks (6-7 months) of Spironolactone 50/75mg 42 Weeks of Isotrex Gel Hey guys well I've had a bit of a up and down experience so far. The downs are mostly because of my experimentation with the dosage but the up's have been worth noting down. After I last updated, maybe due to a stressful period which followed, my skin became slightly worse as in becoming more greasier & breaking out that little but more so I decided to up my dose from 50mg to 75mg. After this by
  10. UPDATE: 12 Weeks of Spironolactone 50mg 26 Weeks of Isotrex Gel Been a while since I have updated this but I let some time pass to see if there were any real improvements. I have been on Spiro for just over 3 months now at 50mg. I am still using Isotrex aswell most nights for 6 and 1/2 months. I occasionally miss a night as my skin can still react and get sensitive if I use too much, but I always use it atleast 5-6 nights a week. Well, I don't have perfect skin yet but I have not
  11. UPDATE: 4 Weeks of Spironolactone 37/50mg 18 Weeks of Isotrex Gel Well, my skin is less oily on my face, however my scalp still tends to get greasy just as quick as before. Strange. Also, my hair seems to come out more easily. Because of this I haven't taken any more than 50mg. I hope my hair will settle down, but I presume the fallout might be due to hormone changes by the spiro. It's very annoying. I have read a lot of other logs where extra hair fall happens when on spiro so I gue
  12. UPDATE: 2 Week of Spironolactone 37/50mg 16 Weeks of Isotrex Gel Well, skin is improving. Still not where I want it to be but great things take time. I've found 50mg is ok but I started noticing spotting just before and in the week after my period. So I'm not thrilled about this as I usually never have any spotting at all. Because of this I went back to taking 25mg or somedays 1 tablet and a half. It still helps my skin this way, but I am not going to take the chance with more side e
  13. UPDATE: 1 Week of Spironolactone 25mg 15 Weeks of Isotrex Gel Update time and not much to update other than I have been back on Spiro for the past week on about 25mg (one tablet) then took an extra half tablet the last two days and no hives I have moved up to 50 mg now so will let you know how it goes. My forehead and chin are full of blocked pores and comedones once again. So far I have noticed my skin becoming smoother again and slightly less oily. I have got a couple of papul
  14. UPDATE: 7 Weeks of Spironolactone 0mg 14 Weeks of Isotrex Gel Ello, I thought I'd update that I'm back on the Spironolactone today. I'm just starting back on with 25mg, then will soon go up to 50mg. So far so good. I didn't take any Spiro last week as I'd been out partying and drinking loads, so thought I'd make use of this period and let my hair down while I'm not taking any tablets lol. My oiliness has come back in the last week. The first week off spiro, my face was still pret
  15. jus stick with the 50mg, it will work in time x