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  1. Minnie, I was on Diane 35 before Accutane as well and I HATED it. It made me crazy. Just think positively now, because Accutane pretty much helps everybody! Also, Kris, I have the same problem with makeup. It just sits on my pores in a very weird way now, so annoying!
  2. I just need to post a bit to get it off my chest - the scars on my face are driving me MAD!!!!!!!! I just had to do my makeup outside, in sunny, natural light, where I NEVER look at my skin too closely, and I want to shrivel up and die. Honestly, I don't even do my makeup much anymore because it's somehow less depressing, if that makes sense? The thing is, all this has only happened within the past year, my skin was totally normal - not perfect, but normal - before last Fall. And no
  3. Mrs RK

    Accutane Day 75

    Hey, I started out on 20 mg, then went to 30, then to 40, and hopefully next I will go to 60, which I guess would be my max. Just so I can finish earlier, and be fully clear. I want this all to be over quick so I can get laser to fix what the acne has left behind. I didn't get a major initial breakout. I think because my derm started me on such a low dose.
  4. Hello internet, I guess today I am halfway through month 3. There were a few days last week when I had no actives, but then I got two, one on each cheek I have been really good at leaving them alone though, so right now they are just red marks, healing. If it weren't for that, I would have no actives. Just a lot of scars and redness. So I'm pretty happy about that. Definitely seeing progress. I am able to go out with just a bit of cover-up on the worst parts of my cheek, where there are a
  5. Mrs RK

    Accutane Day 51

    This week has been alright. No major incidents. Just a couple of small red spots. Honestly, at this point, the worst part is the red marks left over from previous breakouts. I am going to the dermatologist on Monday to get my dosage upped, so hopefully that doesn't cause another breakout. You can see I had a pimple on my chin at the end of June, that went away really quickly but left this dry peeling skin, which is a bit red now.
  6. I haven't been able to write for a while as I was on vacation. I bumped my dosage up to 30 mg for the second month, so I have been on that for about 20 days now. I will be seeing my dermatologist next week and I want to go up to 60 mg a day, which would be about my max, and would mean I could finish my cumulative dose by October. I know that low dosing provides less symptoms, but I do NOT want to be on this stuff for a whole year. We want to get pregnant next year, so... There has
  7. Make sure you use a good primer under your foundation. I have never used primer in my life, but I started a few months ago and it makes a huge difference. Makeup lasts longer, goes on smoother, plus I feel like it protects my pores. It should help even out the flakes. I use Tarte brand, but I'm sure there are tons of other good ones.
  8. I'm on day 22 of Accutane, and honestly, I don't think there is much you can do about the impatience! Longest 22 days of my life... staring in the mirror every 30 minutes obsessing over my skin. Don't be disappointed when you don't see things changing right away. Most people take about 3 months I think. That being said, my best advice would be to avoid mirrors, stop thinking about it (easier said than done, right?), and when you absolutely have to, try to imagine how good it is going to fee
  9. You're skin looks amazing! No scars or anything! Gives me something to look forward to I'm 22 days into Accutane.
  10. Mrs RK

    Day 22

    I have taken some pictures for myself to track the progress, and you're right, it is uncomfortable to look at - to say the least! Hopefully in a couple weeks my face will be looking better and I will feel confident posting pics. I know it can be super helpful for others; I love seeing other people's "results" pictures. (btw, even my profile pic is from a few years ago, before I got this weird adult acne). amoxilworx: You're lucky to not have to take Accutane! What a pain this stuff is, and
  11. Mrs RK

    Day 22

    Hey! (If there's anyone actually reading this!) Thanks for the comment Tristan, you must be so excited to start your treatment. I am really lucky, I got to start the day after seeing the derm. I did a pregnancy test and all my blood tests 15 minutes after seeing him, and within an hour I was out the door with my prescription! Don't have to deal with iPledge crap where I live, but I do have to see my derm once a month. I am leaving for a 3 1/2 week vacation back to Canada, so I saw my de
  12. Hey all This is my first time posting on acne.org, but I have been obsessively reading the forums for a while now. Brief skin history: - I am 23, and I have never had any major skin problems until this year. I never had perfect skin, bumpy forehead, some blackheads, a zit here and there, but nothing like what started 9 months ago - My skin started flaring up last August, and when I moved to a tropical climate (the Carribean), it continued to get worse. - I went on birth c