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  1. Similar thing happened to me awhile back. My dermatologist prescribed a clindamycin-hydrocortisone cream to help calm down the inflammation. She also recommended using a super mild cleanser (Cetaphil) and avoiding the Clarisonic, until the skin was less fragile. It took awhile (my case was pretty severe), but it did work.
  2. I was prescribed it once daily, but usually twice daily means ~ 12 hours apart.
  3. I've had a cortisone injection once for a coalescent nodule on my cheekbone. It flattened it out in about 3 days, although the redness persisted for maybe a week to week and a half.
  4. I've taken doxycycline before (with topical clindamycin). I felt it worked decently, reducing the inflammation and severity of breakouts, but things were never perfect... About the calcium, just avoid taking it within 2 hours or so of taking calcium supplements and/or dairy. Apparently it's also better to take it on an empty stomach, but it made me kind of nauseous when I did that. I asked the pharmacist and they said the better absorption on an empty stomach thing was more theoretical t
  5. Agree with what's been said previously that nodular-cystic acne is really difficult to treat with topicals alone. That being said, my dermatologist prescribed Aczone and a compound of clindamycin in a hypoallergenic/sensitive skin/oil-free moisturizer, which along with oral antibiotics have worked well for me. My story is a bit complicated though by the fact that I got a severe contact dermatitis (which destroyed my skin) from using Epiduo, which precluded the use of any topicals for a good 6 mo
  6. So I was just prescribed Tazorac by my dermatologist today. Interestingly, she told me to apply it in the morning on an unwashed face, leave it for a few minutes max, then wash it off. Has anyone else been instructed to use it like this? And to put it in context, here's my backstory... I had mostly non-inflammatory acne in my early teens that responded well to benzoyl peroxide and minocycline. It flared up again in my late teens-early twenties and responded well to Proactiv and Differin (adapa
  7. It might be difficult to get an appointment with a dermatologist in Canada. Most will only see you if you are referred to them by your family doc... although it might be different for somebody who is paying out of pocket (vs. Medicare).
  8. Preface: Feel free to skip the long background story... actual question is at the end (in bold). I've had mild-to-moderate acne generally well controlled with benzoyl peroxide and, more recently, adapalene (Differin). About two months ago, I started to break out horribly across my jaw... probably a combination of getting lackadaisical with my skin care routine, running out of Differin, getting super stressed about exams, etc. Anyway, I freaked (naturally) and I found this forum. I thought I'
  9. I'm surprised your doc didn't give you samples.. I mean, you don't know if it'll work for you and it isn't covered. I'm so thankful my family doc gave me a handful of samples to try out... if I'd had to pay for a whole tube of Tactuo, it would have added insult (financial) to injury (I developed a wicked case of contact dermatitis... even though I'd used both adapalene and BP before).