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  1. yeah i hear you.. being 38 myself (have acne since i was 17 years), things that work seem to quit working after a few months, derm says i'm not a candidate for Accutane. i tried that Oxzit & it didn't do anything.. unfortunately.. currently i wash with Triaz 10% cleaner, use Differin and take Doxycyclin 100mg. i must say the acne is mild but still it annoys the hell outta me :} on a usual base i have 3-4 zits at the time. (once i had lots more and thought, if only i had a few.. now i have a
  2. not under, but i do live close by a rock :} ps. thanks.
  3. and where can we buy hydrogen peroxide ? i guess it's not damaging if whatever you use it on is NOT a cyste ?
  4. to quote Seinfeld: skin-cancer.... :}} pimple-popper MD :}
  5. tried that.... doesn't work for me, if have to go over the same area so often that my skin gets irritated anyway.
  6. hey, thanks alot... that helps me :}}
  7. haven't been here in a while, pretty much clear of acne 'cuz of diferin A gel.. anyway, i'm searching for a place where i can buy single-blade razors.. can't find 'em anywhere, in alot of drugstores i see the single-blades, but not the "holder".. who can help me.. thx.