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  1. yea, well i stupidly tried Porcelana.. major redness and burning, went to derm this morning to show, he said he never seen such a bad reaction to a skin-lightener. gave me some topical and i might after all try the Obagi Nu-Derm Blender #5.
  2. so, i have not been here for quite a while.... at one point i stopped "obsessing", using and trying expensive crap and only use water on my face and it improved significantly, maybe 1 spot here and there that usually is gone after a day or two (with a couple of exceptions, more later), so overall a good decision for me, my skin feels and looks so much healthier than when i was using claimed remedies which always ended in disappointment so with that being sad... about 3-4 months ago i had a p
  3. i have a slight non visible to the public "bump" but i feel it next to my nose.. skin-color, tried with the thingie that zxcv linked to, nothing happens as far as anything coming out... but for the next 3 days i have a red mark the shape of that "tool".
  4. maybe you should start with chillin' the fuck out :} and from experience, don't expect too much after 24 (who came up with that age anyway) i've had mild/moderate ance from age 16 till well.. this year and i am 42 :}
  5. try to not let it get to you.. it sounds like she should be ignored when ever possible.
  6. (haven't logged in for wow a long time :} here's what i decided to do about 4-5 months ago.. i quit EVERYTHING, wash my face with warm water in the morning, and at night with liquid soap (shall look at the brand tonight) my GP prescribed.. skin feels good... have the occasional pimple, maybe 1-2 per month if that but for the rest it's doing great, no more cremes and ointments on my face when i go to bed, no more pills.. for me this was the best thing i did... and keep in mind i had moderate
  7. what is the best source to get glycolic acid.. had a bottle once, all i did was burn my skin so i think i pitched it :}
  8. what "peel" did you have in mind ?
  9. it's been there longer then 5-6 weeks... it's been probably 2 months, trying Scarzone but not so sure if that works fast enough.. damn :}
  10. months ago i had a decent size pimple on my nose... it took about a week before i went away, well the pimple has looooooong been gone but there is still a red mark left (f'ing annoying) how big is the chance i can get rid of it in let's say 5-6 weeks ?what is best to use to accomplish this ?(going to Europe to see my family and would like to go w/o the red mark :} thanks in advance..
  11. all i use is Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash once a day when i shower.. and if i see something forming i either put a little Differin gel or Clean & Clear invisible blemish treatment on it and the what-ever-is-forming is gone after a night (or sometimes after a few hours..)
  12. alright, do you have the guts to quit everything ?
  13. it makes me think of the Lumiport pen... there are a few threads about it here on the boards, i tried it and unfortunately it didn't benefit me.
  14. most (if any) people that have grown out of it most likely will not spent any time here :}