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  1. Yea i do have regular bowel movements since detoxing but i take magnesium citrate evryday to keep myself regular. I have two fillings and a small brace behind my bottom teeth, i should have that removed i should of had it out when i was 18. I have a very dry mouth 24-7 which bothers me very much. I broke out in cysts on my back starting the hcl and got a really bad sinus infection (which I still have). I have not yet done a liver flush so I will try one as soon as i get some days off. Thanks for
  2. I read on the ask shelley website that cystic acne is caused by not being able to digest protein. That is really the only kind of acne that I get (the worst). Anyhow, I noticed that when I eat protein in food (crab cakes, eggs) I belch and get stomach pains. I have started taking hcl to see if it helps. I obviously can't stop eating protein but maybe start eating more nuts. I also know that protein shakes make me break out terribly. Anyone do any research on this?
  3. i never wore foundation when I had clear skin, it looks so fake i hate wearing it now. I used to wear blush sometimes and bronzer in the summer but never that masky looking crap. i know girls in hs did tho and they were always fixing it even tho they had great skin. I mean i HAVE to wear it now, im doing ppl a favor by wearing it!
  4. No having perfectly gorgeous skin and then at age 18 waking up to 3 cysts on your face OVERNIGHT... and then it being a neverending cycle is depressing! Two years later I still have the scars from the first 3 cysts I ever had in my life and still get breakouts. It's like I had gotten so used to nights out at college parties falling asleep in some strangers place and not getting a single blemish. how can life be so cruel?????
  5. God damn im a girl 5'4 110 lbs and ppl always tell me im too skinny! Yea eat a lot of eggs and lean meat. When eating carbs add butter or olive oil to it, my dr said carbs burn very quickly and adding fat to them makes them burn slower. (slows metabolism). I get very shaky and I guess they believe my high metabolism is why I am so skinny. Im a size two tho, so theres a size one smaller than I am.
  6. I truly doubt acne was as bad (no antibiotics or birth control pills, no pizza or milky way bars). Though i know when we went to williamsburg, the woman said they used apple cider vinegar for many ailments including skin disorders. Makes sense cause it is caused by poor digestion and apple cider vinegar increases stomach acid.
  7. Her skin looks like mine with makeup on. I dont get a lot of acne, but i get big zits like in the middle of my damn forehead or soething. their like small cysts and they take forever to heal, not to mention they hurt. Her eyes look kinda odd, like she is sick. Does anyone else see that? I know she is clear now though i doubt it is from proactive. She probably had some sort of hormonal issue (someone said she had a hair chest?!?).
  8. God i thought i was the only one in the world who felt this way. I had clear skin all through high school and first semester of college, then in 2 wks time i had cysts all over. I didnt even see it coming. I was a dancer at a strip club in philly and was always the hot girl in the group so it was so difficult for me. Now (it'll be two years in december) i haven't seen any of my old friends. I've made new ones but it's not the same. Old friends call me all the time and ask me to come home from co
  9. The past week my face has been tingling all over and i want to itch it. This burn i have on my forehead especially i tried putting neosporin it but it's not working. It's driving me nuts and im afraid im gonna itch it while im sleeping. Any suggestions
  10. When u break out on your chin it means messed up hormones... for women that'd mean taking progesterone... but for a guy i don't know? I'd go with a previous comment to cut out refined sugars and carbs because they raise ur testosterone level (and cause acne).
  11. "hey, i don't know if this might work for you but it did for me. my doctor had recommended some over the counter digestive aids for me cause acne can also be caused by your body not digesting and distributing the protiens well. what i'm taking is BETAINE HYDROCHLORIDE 600MG WITH PEPSIN FROM COUNTRY LIFE AND PAPAYA ENZYME FROM AMERICAN HEALTH. now dont worry cause these pills are completely natural and have no side effects. all they do is aid the digesting and distribution of minerals throughtout
  12. WEll, been detoxing for months now with moderate improvement. I read an ask shelley link and realized all my symptoms were under low stomach acidity. (belching, indigestion, acne, low back pain, constipation, REALLY BAD THIRST.) On my second day of it and i had three bowel movements yesterday. I can feel my stomach gurgling, and the chronic mucous i always have in the back of my throat is gone. Was on antibiotics for my kidney most of my life, so im thinking perhaps this was a cause for it. If i
  13. the liver flush, no i have not done one yet. I've been on a liver/ gallbladder decongestant for 4 weeks not and i broke out the first week. I did my first enema today and im feeling like im detoxing right now. (ears popping, sore throat)
  14. Go to a health food pharmacy and buy an $11 bottle called a-f betafood. It breaks up everything in the liver and gallbladder. I have yet to do a liver flush but the stuff works very well. i got sick from the detoxing for i'd say about 11 days but that's how I knew it was working. You get green and tarlike feces during the process as well. There are cholesterol stones in your liver and gallbladder. I know the a0f betafood breaks them down to get them out. I am not sure if the liver flush works th
  15. yes, it is very important to take fiber. I take country life fiber, it has extra stuff in it to break up mucuous. If you believe it is your bowels and colon that are causing your acne you would need to do an intense bowel cleansing though. Fiber is a good start. Also try adding a good probiotics blend.
  16. I just bought the enema kit from walgreens and will do my first flush tomorrow. Im gonna do one for 7 days in a row and see how it goes. I was doing p and b shakes and had a horrible breakout and felt quite ill. Then I read on ask shelley that bentonite moves very slowly. It breaks up the dry feces and pushes it back into the bloddstream which is why I got so sick. She said start with enemas first. Im not doing coffee tho, im gonna add a bit of bentonite and some acidophilus. I am currently on a
  17. Yeah the fda says diet doesn't cause acne blah blah blah, yeah maybe in some ppl it doesnt but then it causes other problems. Acne is a symptom of an underlying problem. I saw this article in the paper yesterday with a guy with bruises and stuff all over his face. It said if alcohol was doing this to your face instead of your liver you'd stop drinking right. Yeah ppl would. Not that i'm saying we are alcoholics or anything like that, but i have had stomach problems for years on end way before i
  18. I know that apple cider vinegar is for low stomach acid. I was just wondering if anyone has taken hcl and if so, what kind of results have they had? With regimen i am on through holistic dr. i have been getting heartburn and really bad stomach pain. I didn't know if perhaps low stomach acid was the cause.
  19. Acne around your mouth is your colon, try taking a good probiotics blend, a lot of fiber, maybe try some p and b shakes. I just started them a week ago and u get this tar like stuff out. It's gross i know but it's nice to know it's going into ur septic tank and out of you
  20. I was taken off my estrogen pills cause i have a form of hypothyroidism and put on progesterone cream. It's been almost 3 weeks since ive been off my pill and 3 months since ive had my monthly! Anyhow I thought estrogen blocked testosterone cause that's what some research says. Though i have read the treatment for pcos (increased testosterone in women) is progesterone. "Polycystic Ovaries A 29 year old woman presented with excessive facial/body hair growth, acne, and weight gain about the waist.
  21. Wow ive been on really intense cleansing for over a month now and eating a veyr strict diet. When i start reaching a plateau, i up my dosage and until i get to an unbearable level and stay on that for a while. I had a very poor diet my whole life, was on antiobiotics for my kidneys for 10 years and veyr high estrogen birth control so i think it'll take me at least another month or two. I got one zit today, but it's not red and is almost unnoticeable. I woul dnot have seen it but i use a microsco
  22. My skin looked amazing all day today, no afternoon shine, i just took my makeup off and a lot of my scars are less noticeable than they were dismorning (if that's possible). I feel like myself for the first time in ... 1 year. It's weird i havent really felt like my happy flirty self in forever. wish y'all the best of luck!
  23. yes thank you, i was just diagnosed with wilson's syndrome a type of hypothyroidism and my symptoms fit perfectly. That askshelley website is very good. I do not have acne on my forehead it's always around my mouth and center of cheeks, but my holistic dr still told me it's my liver/gallbaldder/bilary system. I read that the liver is the powerhouse for getting rid of toxins.
  24. I did not gain weight at all either, in fact i lost weight. Wilson's syndrome is a type of hypothyroidism where ur body is making enough of the hormones but t3 hormone will not convert to t4. This is why a simple blood test will NOT show that u have hypothyroidism. Do u have any other symptoms. I am not trying to scare u cause of cuorse u may have something very simple, but i wish someone had told me a long time ago to at least look into it, y know? I used to be always freezing cold, had dry ski
  25. Hypothyroidism, i have very low body temp and have for the past... 3 years. My temp is always 96.3. Isn't is odd that many of us have the same symptoms other than acne? Im not iron deficient, cause that causes bruises on the skin. I was just diagnosed with wilson's syndrome on the 19th. Look it up, ud be surprised u might have it too.