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  1. Hello everyone! I haven't posted here in a long time, I always feared this day would come where I would have to come back because of the dreaded acne. Some of you might remember me, some of you may not. Here is my issue, I have been using a specific brand of Spiro 100 mg for over two years now. I was using the Walgreens manufacture amneal. I chose to switch pharmacies, because Walgreens is terrible. That's a story for another time. Once my Spiro was being filled with target, I starte
  2. Hang in there. It's takes awhile like everyone else has said. I know it scary waiting to see how your body will react to the medication. Sounds like it's good so far though!
  3. When it comes to Accutane there are no other options that work as well. Nothing in the same range with the same results, and less side effects.
  4. A lot of people get prescribed Accutane while taking antibiotics. It you break out after finishing an antibiotic and your acne flares to the same point again, there is no reason you can't take Accutane. Dermatologists know antibiotics aren't a long term solution. They also know antibiotics will temporally clear up acne, for a lot of people.
  5. It's very very common. You just need to incorporate a moisturizer of some sort. A lot of people like Cetaphil or CeraVe and acne.org has a very nice one as well. You can even use jojoba oil. Or pure aloe vera
  6. Here is a good link from a member here explaining which birth controls are good and bad for acne.
  7. Judging by the location of your acne I would make a educated guess it's hormonal. Personally I am on spiro and have been for almost two years and have had no issues with a film being left behind, I have very fair skin though. I would also think that if your using SPF that's something that often leads to a white film on your face. It wouldn't be the spiro causing that if it only happens after apply SPF. Have you tried Birth Control pills to control your acne before?
  8. Thank you so much for the reply! Oh I love Vaseline lotion. My legs and feet are naturally extremely dry and it's the only thing that moisturizers my skin. Perhaps I could use it on my face as well during treatment? I currently use the cocoa butter Vaseline formulation as my body lotion. I don't find it clogs pores or gives me black heads ect. With accutane I'm not too freaked out over dryness more so the big scary side effects (I know they're rare) that I'm hoping I don't encounter. Person
  9. Hmm let me think on this then. Have you tried the ceraVe product line?
  10. I was on 60mg. I know quite a few ladies that were on 80mg and handled it really well. Main issues u will encounter is dry lips and skin and hair. Your body stops producing oil, so it's important to help restore oils by using lip balms, My favorite was bag balm. For my hair I only washes one or maybe two times a week. With no oils you don't need to wash often. When I did wash I always used a deep condition product. Make sure to moisturizer your face and body, I used ceraVe moisturizing cream in
  11. Keep doing the regimen but use a SPF