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  1. Hey all, I started the regimen about 2 months ago and was wondering what your experiences are with dating. I have this fear that I'll be making out with a guy and he'll smell the bp or something like that...or it'll kill your mood if he puts his hand on your face, and you're imagining all the bacteria getting on your face from his fingers. Do you ever feel that way guy/girl, same thing, how do you deal with that? And does the recipient actually smell the bp on your face, do t
  2. Hey everyone, I was wondering what your routine is when you go surfing? I've noticed my skin gets super dry and I don't know what to do to avoid this. In general: I'm so frustrated with the regimen because I get red/brwn spots after I breakout and my skin gets flaky. I've inherited my mother's skin, japanese, and don't know how to take care of it...moderate acne with 1 or 2 cysts chin/cheek area once a month. I've been on the regimen for many years, although I don't follow ex