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  1. Hey all, I'm on Dan's regimen, and i would like to use AHA as a spot treatment. I just saw Dan's video, and I understand that he spot treats after the BP, but i'm unsure if it's before or after applying moisterizer. If i apply is before the moisterizer, i'm afraid that applying the moisterizer will remove the AHA from the right location. On the other hand, i'm afraid that the moisterizer creates a barrier, making the AHA less effective if i use it after applying the moisterizer. Any advice is
  2. Hey all, I have been using differin for the last year, and after the initial outbreak my skin was clear for about 6 months. However, after those 6 months i slowly started breaking out again and now my acne is pretty much back to the point where it was before i started using differin. I just ordered the regimen.org products and i'm excited to start with the regimen, but i'm not sure how to make the switch from the differin (which i still use every night). Should I quit the differin cold turkey
  3. Hey all, About a year ago I started using differing .1 at night. The initial outbreak was horrible, but after that my skin cleared up quite nicely to the point that I only had a few small spots in my face. Differin also gives me very little irritation (as oposed to other topicals!). The last few months I have been breaking out again, mainly around my mouth. I am thinking about using differin both in the morning and at night. Does anyone here use differin twice a day? Does it make a difference
  4. Hey Kittenxo, I guess i'm in the same boat as you are. I'm also considering roaccutane, but the potential side effects scare me shitless. There are times, when my acne is really bad, that i just want to run to my doctor and demand roaccutane, but when my acne is better i decide that i don't ever want to risk my life by taking that stuff (most of the time come after reading the action forum you referred to.....) It can't be denied that roaccutane can be potencially harmfull to some people, but
  5. Although i've been a member here for a rather long time i haven't posted a lot. One of the reasons is that i just can't speak openly about my acne. I don't really know why this is, but i guess i'm just so embarrassed my acne, but i'm also embarrassed that i'm so embarrassed by my acne.... In real life it's just the same...i have a lot of problems that are induced by my acne (low self-esteem, social withdrawal, depression). There are certainly people to which (/whom/whatever...) I could speak o
  6. Hi, Do you think that acne can be aggrevated or even caused by external factors? I'm asking this specifically because i'm freaking out about pretty much everything that touches my face, afraid that it might cause a breakout. Also, my mum just cleaned the bathroom including the sink, watertap and shower with a detergent that should only be used on in the toilet (says so on the bottle) now i'm really afraid that this somehow might induce a breakout, since i'm touchig those things when i'm putt
  7. I'm so paranoid when it comes to my acne... Everyday i manage to find something of which i think it will break me out while this is totally ridiculous. some examples: - i wear these gloves at work and they make my hands really smelly even if i wash them 5 times now i'm really afraid that i somehow rub something into my skin that will break me out when i apply bp or moisturizer... - i freak out about anything or anyone touching my face... - i wash my hands about 20 times a day whenever
  8. Hi, I have had acne for several years now with a few good and a lot of bad periods...i think BP will work for me, since a year ago or so a 10% bp cream worked well for me, but it really dried my skin out and at that time i was afraid to use moisturizer. After a while i decided to stop with the 10% cream and used it only as a on-the-spot treatment for a half a year or so quite succesfully. problem is that lately i've been breaking out pretty bad again so i decided to start using bp 5% on my
  9. aaaah i really don't know which one to choose...the clean and clear should obviously not cause any spots, but i've read here that the SA in it really sucks in combination with BP, but since i'm not really combining these two (BP in the evening, moisturizer in the morning) i think this is not really a huge problem, or is it?
  10. Anyone else with experience with one of these products?
  11. I found something else that might work: Clean & Clear moisurizer dual action But this product has 0,5% Salicylic Acid. Could that be a problem?
  12. do you use the lotion or the creme? In Holland you can only buy the creme, but i've seen on the USA site of Eucerin that they also sell a Q10 lotion. Dunno if there's a very large difference though.
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a good moisturizer, but the problem is that i can't find any of the products recommended here in Holland. Another problem is that none of the products i found have non-comedogenic on it, and i think i've seen almost all products available here by now... Now i've narrowed down the options to te following 2 moisturizers of Eucerin, cause i read a lot of good stuff about Eucerin in general: Eucerin Hydro-Balance without a SPF with the following ingredients: Aqua - Ric