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  1. kissses

    Help Me Kill My Chin Zit

    it's a papule, i guess. but it won't pop
  2. Last few weeks I've been breaking out in a single red zit on my chin. It went away a couple of days ago but it seems a new one sprang up in its place. It's the only place right now that I'm breaking out. I can't tell if it's hormonal, inflammatory, whatever. But it bugs me. This is what I have been doing: Wash face w/ Anatomicals face wash and silicon scrubber Tone with Thayers/Water/ACV mixture, or colloidial silver, or both moisturize as needed with EV coconut oil Man this thing is
  3. I probably used it for a few weeks to a month, and it didn't really seem to do much except cause more little bumps. I'm sure it must be effective for some people, but a glycolic cleanser alone didn't do it for me
  4. same thing happened to me. Just dump it
  5. agreed, I have oily skin and since I found the right stuff to control it, I'd actually rather have it than chronically dry skin. Also my mom has the same skin type and looks gorgeous for pushing 50; everyone knows it. Maybe we can do with or without sebum, but i really don't mind it
  6. Even when I see great results I always wanna try something else eventually.
  7. kissses

    Clay Masks

    Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask is pretty great- I use it a few times a week. Before that I also used Queen Helene, which is cheaper and more heavy-duty. Also, since another poster mentioned it: Honey is a great mask/scrub, but make sure it's organic and raw! Plastic bear honey always made my face itch like crazy and didn't seem to do much.
  8. kissses

    How Many Of You Have Kp?

    Yeah, it's been on and off for most of my life. I just use a good scrub and moisturize.
  9. kissses

    Fluorescent Lighting?

    Ok I always noticed this but don't know if there's anything to it, but: When I was in high school one thing that really annoyed me was how uncomfortably oily my skin got throughout the day. I always associated this with the overhead fluorescent lighting at school. Since I've started online school at home where I'm mostly exposed to natural light, my skin is way less oily. Like there are probably other, stronger factors but my skin rarely feels greasy anymore. And I felt that slimy feeling again
  10. kissses

    Did Birth Control Work For You?

    I went on birth control because my hormones were super unbalanced and doing scary things. So, in that sense, I probably get less hormonal breakouts. It didn't do anything drastic though; I think my skin was just more "active" when I was a younger teen vs. now. I guess if you already know what causes your acne it may be very helpful. Also does the type of birth control make a difference?
  11. kissses

    cheap stank I combine acv with witch hazel and water; it does great things for my skin, and I use it twice a day. Though it can sting on open skin, it's nothing awful and it's not too drying. Also makes an awesome hair rinse.
  12. kissses

    Clear Skin Without Benzoyl Peroxide?

    I don't use BP because while it's effective, I got really sick of bleached clothes despite my best efforts to be careful. Salicylic acid is the most common treatment next to BP. I like using charcoal treatments and apple cider vinegar as a toner, I feel like this does just as well for me.
  13. Last week I bought the precision pore cleansing pad at sephora (it's this little pink silicon thing) and have been using it to wash my face twice a day. Where before my skin was almost completely clear, I'm starting to break out on my chin and jawline, but I can't tell if it's related, because: -I break out when I get my monthly but my birth control makes me not bleed or anything (sorry tmi) so I can't always tell when my breakouts are hormonal or not -Sometimes people say that a new product
  14. oddly enough, jojoba left me greasy and did little for my breakouts. Then again, that was a younger and more pimply time, but the experience still turned me off. Coconut oil on the other hand absorbs well into my skin, and since I've been using it I feel like my complexion is overall much fresher and nice looking. Still the occasional breakout, but no angry red volcanoes. And I only need a little bit, just a finger dip in the jar, to fully moisturize my face and neck. In short, coconut oil 5eva