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  1. Has anyone tried using pure vegetable glycerine bar soap for a face wash with good results? I recently came across some info that made it sound pretty good but I wanted to see if anyone else had tried it out? I find the simplicity of it very appealing after years of bottles and bars of multiple face washes...
  2. JTH

    Bp On Acne Scab?

    Hi! I've found that the best thing that works for a popped pimple is neosporin or some kind of antibiotic ointment. It seems to keep it from scabbing badly and helps it heal quickly. I usually use vitamin e oil on it after it's mostly healed - it's supposed to help prevent and cure scars and seems to do a good job! I've tried bp on scabs but never really like the results - it dries it out sooo much that it almost seems to make it worse! But I do have pretty dry skin normally so it could just be
  3. Hey thanks for the advice! Mabye I will just try lowering the dose of bp instead of cutting it out. It was a really hard decision for me to cut out bp, too! The regime has worked pretty well for me so far but over the last couple months I was starting to notice that it seemed less effective...I've heard your skin can get used to anything you put on it over time and I thought maybe that was what was happening. I think i'm going to keep trying to cut it out unless it gets really bad! I want to s
  4. So I've been using the acne.org regime for a couple years now and I really liked it, especially at first. But now I would like to cut back on the use of benzoyl peroxide on my face. I still love the acne.org cleanser but I just feel like the bp is drying my face out and not really helping the actual problem. That being said I've cut back to only using the BP part of the regime once a day. Morning: acne.org cleanser, BP, and acne.org moisturizer with a few drops of Jojoba Oil. Evening: acne.org c